PCSS, Т.13, №1, 2012


D.M. Freik1, V.M. Chobanyuk1, M.O. Galuschak2, O.S Krunutcky2, G.D. Mateik2

Photovoltaic Converters of Solar Radiation. Achievements, Current Status and Trends (Review)

1Vasyl Stefanyk PreCarpathian National University 57, Shevchenko Str., Ivano-Frankivsk, 76018, Ukraine, E-mail:fcss@pu.if.ua
2Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas, 15, Carpathian Str., Ivano-Frankivsk, 76001, Ukraine

The analysis of developments in the field of photovoltaic conversion of solar energy into electricity. The main attention is paid to the principles of solar cells on monocrystalline and amorphous silicon, nanostructures.
Keywords: Solar energy, technological aspects of formation, structure, solar cells, silicon, nanostructures.

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Iu.V. Gudyma, Ye.M. Daskal

Glauber Dynamics of Ising-Like Model of Spin-Crossover Compounds

Chernivtsi National University 2, Kotsyubynskyi Str., Chernivtsi 58012, Ukraine, e-mail:yugudyma@gmail.com

In the paper consider Glauber dynamic of Ising-like model of the spin-crossover compounds and investigate spin-crossover compounds bistability in contact with the external environment. Constructed the calculation theory of first moments of the molecular states distribution function, conducted their analysis using numerical methods for the case of a homogeneous lattice.
Keywords: spin-crossover process, Glauber dynamic, Ising-like model, fictitious spin, bistability.

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D.M. Freik, I.V. Gorichok, M.O. Shevchuk

Concentration Dependence of the Effective Mass of Electrons in the d-Conduction Band Samarium Monosulfid

Physic-Chemical Institute Department of Physics and Chemistry of Solid State at the Vasyl Stefanyk PreCarpathian National University 57, Shevchenko Str., Ivano-Frankivsk, 76018, Ukraine, e- mail: freik@pu.if.ua

Based on the experimental dependences of Hall concentration of electrons on the temperature dependence determined the effective mass of electrons on their concentration in the d-conduction band monosulfidu samarium. Shown that the only stipulation in the energy structure of crystals of the second conduction band in which the effective mass of electrons is a function of their concentration is possible quantitatively correct interpretation of the Hall of experimental data at temperatures T> 500 K.

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O. G. Mykolaychuk1, M.V. Moroz2, M.V. Prokhorenko3, V.M. Moroz2

Physical Properties Glasses of the E(Ag0.26Ge0.265S0.475)–AgBr System

1Department for metal physics Ivan Franko National University, 8a, Kyryla and Mefodiya Str., Lviv, 79005, Ukraine
2Department of physics National University of Water Management and Nature Resources Use, 11, Soborna Str., Rivne, 33000, e-mail:riv018@i.ua
3Department of cartography and geospatial modeling Lviv Polytechnic National University, 12, Stepana Bandery Str, Lviv, 79000

Along the E(Ag0.26Ge0.265S0.475)–AgBr cross-section of the Ag–Ge–S–Br concentration tetrahedron a homogeneous glasses has obtained in the 0 – 17 wt. % AgBr concentration range. Macroparametrs of synthesis alloys: density, microhardness, transition glass and crystallization temperatures is established. The electrical conductivity of glasses was measured by dc probe methods in the 270 - 380 K temperature range. Conclusion of mechanism electro and mass transfer is proposed.

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S.I. Budzulyak

Tensoresistive Effects in Strongly Deformed Crystals n-Si and n-Ge

V.E. Lashkaryov Institute of Semiconductor Physics, NAS of Ukraine, Avenue Nauku, 41, 03028, Kyiv, Ukraine

The results of complex investigation of main dependencies and peculiarities of tensoeffects in highly uniaxially strained n-type silicon and germanium crystals are presented. The methods of identification of tensoresistivity physical mechanism and determination of main electrophysical parameters of silicon and germanium are described. For heavily doped silicon at the condition of realization of the metal-insulator transition the dependence of electron effective mass vs. uniaxial pressure was obtained. As a result of careful fitting procedure, it was determined that the quadratic dependence of electron effective mass on the uniaxial pressure X || [111] describes the experimental data of measured pressure-tuned conductivity change in the range of strain-induced MI transition. Single linear dependence of increase of the electron effective mass on pressure can not describe the measured conductivity decrease at all.
Keywords: high-temperature superconductivity, Bi-contaning ceramic, oxygen stoichiometry.

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R.R. Levitskii1, I.R. Zachek2, A.S.Vdovych1

Longitudinal Static Dielectric, Piezoelectric Elastic And Thermal Properties of Quasi-One-Dimensional CsH2PO4 Type Ferroelectrics

1Institute for Condensed Matter Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine 1 Svientsitskii Street, 79011, Lviv, Ukraine
2 Lviv Polytechnic National University, 12 Bandery Street, 79013, Lviv, Ukraine

Within modified proton ordering model of quasi-one-dimensional CsH2PO4 type ferroelectrics with hydrogen bonds with taking into account linear on strains εi and ε5 contributions into energy of proton system, but without taking into account tunneling, within the two-particle cluster approximation their thermodynamic characteristics are studied and calculated. At the proper set of the parameters good quantitative description of the corresponding experimental data for CsH2PO4 and Cs(H0,86D0,14)2PO4 is obtained.
Keywords: ferroelectrics, cluster approximation, heat capacity, dielectric permittivity, piezoelectric modules, elastic constant.

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V.M. Pylypiv1, О.Z. Garpul1, B.K. Оstafiychuk1, V.О. Kotsubynskii1, V.V. Kurovets1, O.Yu. Bonchyk2

The Structural Disorder of Near-Surface Layer Yttrium-Iron Garnet Films Implanted by Silicon Ions

1 Precarpathion national University named after Vasyl Stefanyk, 57 Shevchenko Str., Ivano-Frankivsk, 76025, Ukraine
2 Pidstryhach Institute of Applied Problems of Mechanics and Mathematic 3 б, Naukova Str., Lviv, 290601, Ukraine ogorishna@ukr.net

This paper presents research results of near-surface layers of YIG films implanted by Si ions with energy of 90 keV and doses of 1x1013 6x1013 and 2x1014 сm-2. The mathematical simulation of ion implantation of Si + in YIG film showed that the formation of Frenkel pairs of defects and more complex type are equiprobable. Theoretically calculated concentration profile of radiation defects, which are mainly formed by defects formed as a result of elastic interactions of ion-implant atoms from the target. Experimentally established that the implantation of Si + ions in YIG films leads to the formation in the surface layer, monotonously descending profiles of relative deformation.

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B.S. Dzundza, M.A. Lopyanko, Ya.S. Yavorskiy, I.B. Gatala

After Condensation Processes in Lead Telluride Films Doped Bismuth

Vasyl Stefanyk PreCarpathian National University 57, Shevchenko Str., Ivano-Frankivsk, 76018, Ukraine, E-mail:fcss@pu.if.ua

The resistivity ρ change of polycrystalline films PbTe:Bi from exposure time t at 300 K. On the basis of electrical model for resistance calculating of films shows that the change in ρ(t) is related to the restructuring process in the crystal structure of the films. The linear sizes of crystallites films PbTe:Bi dependence since their exposure are detected.
Keywords: thin films, lead telluride, resistivity, crystal structure, doping.

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P.O. Gentsar1, O.I. Vlasenko1, М.V. Vuichyk1, M.S. Zayats1, М.P. Kyselyuk1, Ts.А. Kryskov2, I.V. Kruglenko1, K.V. Svezhentsova1

Morphological and Optical Study of InSe/n-Si Thin Films

1V. Lashkaryev Institute of Semiconductor Physics NAS of Ukraine, Nauky pr. 41, Kyiv, 03028 Ukraine, gentsar@isp.kiev.ua
2Kamianets-Podilskyi National University, Physical Department, I. Ogienko str. 61, Kamianets-Podilskyi, 32300

In the present work the investigations of influence crystallographic orientation of surface on the growth of the InSe thin films are presented. The InSe films with thicknesses 15-45 nm grown by the method of thermal evaporation on the n-Si{100} and n-Si{111} single crystal substrates. By atomic-force microscopy shown, that the films are characterized a disordered grainy structures and the size of grain is increased at the increase of thickness of the films. Optical researches show that physical parameters of the thin films are similar to the parameters of amorphous films .
Keywords: lamellar semiconductors, atomic-force microscopy, epitaxy, ellipsometry, optical reflectance.

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І.І. Chaviak

Nanostructures Tin Telluride on Cleaved Facet of Mica-Muscovite

Vasyl Stefanyk PreCarpathian National University 57, Shevchenko Str., Ivano-Frankivsk, 76018, Ukraine, E-mail:fcss@pu.if.ua

By atomic force microscopy (ATM) and determination of electrical parameters investigated processes of growth on SnTe nanostructures muscovite mica (0001), deposited from the vapor phase of open evaporation in vacuum at different technological factors. It is shown that experimental results can be explained within the framework of the mechanism of growth Volmera-Weber and manifestation of quantum size effects.
Keywords: Tin telluride, nanostructures, vapor-phase methods, mechanisms of growth.

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Ya.P. Saliy, N.Ya. Stefaniv

Distribution of Own Defects in Monocrystal Epitaxial Films PbTe

Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University,
57, Shevchenka str.,Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine, e-mail:

Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University, 57, Shevchenka str.,Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine, e-mail:stefaniv12@meta.ua Was shown, that dimensional effects in the monocrystal PbTe n-type films which has been grown on mica substrates by the method of a hot wall, connected with distributions of dopands and centres of dispersion of free charge carriers. Approximation of experimental effective dependences of conductivity σ(d) and product of Hall coefficient and square of conductivity R(d)σ2 (d) from a thickness by theoretical dependences was executed.Spatial parameters of distributions of defects of growth on a boundary substrate-film and dislocations in a following layer were received. Proceeding from layered heterogeneity of the thin semiconductor PbTe films which has been grown by the method of a hot wall, were found three layers enriched free electrons to different values of concentration and two layers of the centres of dispersion connected with different types of crystal defects: interphase boundaries, dislocations, dot defects and other.

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D.M. Freik, I.I. Chavyak, B.S. Dzundza, O.B. Kostyuk

Charge Carriers Scattering in Tin Telluride Films on Polyamide

Vasyl Stefanyk PreCarpathian National University 57, Shevchenko Str., Ivano-Frankivsk, 76018, Ukraine, E-mail:fcss@pu.if.ua

The peculiarities of carriers scattering mechanisms in tin telluride films deposited on substrates with polyamide tape on their thickness. Established that the dominant role played scattering on the surface and between grains within.
Keywords: tin telluride, scattering, carriers mobility.

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O. Kondrat1, N. Popovych1, R. Golomb1, O. Petrachenkov1, V. Lyamaev2, N. Tsud3, V, Mitsa1

XPS Investigation of Laser-Induced Structural Changes in Nanolayers As50Se50

1Institute of Physics and Chemistry of Solid State, Uzhgorod National University, Pidhirna str. 46, Uzhhorod 88000, Ukraine
2 Synchrotron Elettra, Area Science Park, Basovizza (Trieste), Italy
3Charles University, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics,
Department of Surface and Plasma Science, Prague, Czech Republic

The influence of near bandgap laser irradiation on the structure of the As50Se50 thin film has been investigated by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy. The As 3d and Se 3d photoemission peaks of the irradiated sample show significant differences in shapes and positions in comparison with those obtained for non-irradiated amorphous film. The experimental data processing and quantifications are performed analyzing core-level components obtained by curve fitting. The relative contribution of the As and Se atoms in different chemical states to the whole photoemission As 3d and Se 3d signal, its structural origins as well as their relation to the As50Se50 nanolayers structure before and after laser irradiation is analyzed and discussed in detail.
Keywords: X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, amorphous film, laser irradiation, structural units.

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О.L. Sokolov, V.Yu. Potyak, I.S. Bylina

Peculiarities CdTe Thin Films Formation on Sytal and Glass Substrates by the Method of "Hot Wall"

Vasyl Stefanyk PreCarpathian National University 57, Shevchenko Str., Ivano-Frankivsk, 76018, Ukraine, E-mail:fcss@pu.if.ua

In this work studded formation of nanostructures CdTe, deposited on glass and sytal substrates in quasilocked bulk by the method of “hot wall“. Films grown at different temperature factors: substrate temperature Tp, evaporator TV, chamber walls TS. Obtained grains size b and condensation speed V based on a technological factors.
Keywords: cadmium telluride, condensation speed, grain size, hot wall.

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V.V. Bachuk

Processes Ostvald’s Maturation and Gaussians in the Heights Distribution of Nanostructures PbTe/(0001) Mica

Vasyl Stefanyk PreCarpathian National University 57, Shevchenko Str., Ivano-Frankivsk, 76018, Ukraine, E-mail:

Based on AFM studies of nanostructures PbTe, deposition by vapor-phase techniques for various technological factors on chips (0001), mica-muscovite obtained histogram of their distribution in height, which approximated Gauss functions. In the maturation Ostvald’s model the mechanisms of their growth. It is shown that for the studied process factors dominated by electronic mechanism associated with the formation of chemical bonds.
Keywords: nanostructures, lead telluride, Ostvald’s maturation, the Gauss distribution

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V.I. Mandzyuk1, N.I. Nagirna1, V.V. Strelchuk2, S.I. Budzulyak2, I.M. Budzulyak1, I.F. Myronyuk1, B.I. Rachiy1

Electrical and Optical Properties of Porous Carbon Material

1Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University, 57 Shevchenko Street, Ivano-Frankivsk, 76025, Ukraine
2V.Y. Lashkaryov Institute of Semiconductor Physics, 41 pr. Nauki, Кyiv, 03028, Ukraine

The effect of carbonization temperature of vegetable raw materials on conductivity of porous carbon material (PCM) obtained on its basis is explored by the methods of impedance spectroscopy, Raman scattering and infrared (IR)-spectroscopy. It is set, that increasing of carbonization temperature results in growth of specific conductivity of PCM due to increase of both maintenance in it sp2-bounded carbon, and degree of its graphitization.

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B.І. Ilkiv1, S.S. Petrovska1, Ya.V. Zaulychnyy1,2, V.М. Gunko3, V.І. Zarko3

Interaction of Aerosil Nanoparticles with High-Porous Carbon Materials Obtained Due to Burn-off І. Dependence of Energy Distribution of р-Electrons on Degree of Burn-off of High-Porous Carbon Materials

1 Frantsevich Institute for Problems of Materials Science of NASU, 3 Krzhyzhanіvsky Str., Kyiv, 03680, Ukraine, b_ilkiv@ukr.net
2 National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnical Institute” Engineering-physical faculty, 35 Politekchnichna Str., Kyiv 03056, Ukraine
3Chuiko Institute of Surface Chemistry, 17, General Naumov Str., Kyiv, 03164, Ukraine

Dependence of the energy distribution of the Ср–valence electrons on the carbon burn-off degree at activation of high-porous carbon materials was studied using ultra-soft X-ray emission spectroscopy (USXES). Differences in the рπ-orbitals overlapping and their mix with the sp2-states in samples with different burn-off degree were revealed. It was found that after different burn-off degrees nanpores with different curvature and branching form. The most activated state of nanoporous carbon materials was achieved at 40 % burn-off that along with possible smallest curvature of pores can provide the most effective interaction with nanosilicas.

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Ya.О. Shablovsky

Thermochemistry Unusual States of Crystalline Phases

P.O. Suhyy Gomel State Technical University, Belarus, 246746, Gomel, October ave., 48,ya-shablovsky@yandex.ru; shablov@gstu.by

Review devoted to the analysis of the thermochemical properties of solid reactants involved in the reaction in unusual circumstances. Tabulation new data reference, allowing realized calculations such reactions. Demarcation criterion discussed activating and passivating action of high pressure in solid transformations. Described model high polymorphism, which allows to describe its effect on the thermochemical properties of crystals in unusual circumstances.
Keywords: thermochemical calculations, thermochemical properties, solid conversion unisobar conditions unusual provided crystalline reagent polymorphism.

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T.A. Mirnaya1, V.N. Asaula1, S.V. Volkov1, A.S. Tolochko2, D.A. Melnik2, G.V. Klimusheva2

Synthesis and Optical Properties of Liquid Crystalline Nanocomposites of Cadmium Octanoate with CdS Quantum Dots

1V.I. Vernadskii Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Prospect Palladina, 32-34, 03680 Kiev, Ukraine
2Institute of Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Prospect Nauki, 46, 03028 Kiev, Ukraine

Nanosized CdS semiconductor crystals have been synthesized in liquid crystalline and isotropic melts based on cadmium octanoate. Glassy mesomorphic nanocomposites have been obtained by cooling melts. It has been shown that CdS nanocrystals in vitrified matrices are quantum dots (QDs) which are characterized by a high degree of monodispersity and have a size of 2-4 nm depending on synthesis conditions. The fluorescence properties of CdS QDs in two-dimensionally ordered cadmium octanoate glass have been investigated for the first time and can serve as a model for studying radiative processes in such new matrices.

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A.A. Ashcheulov, O.M. Manyk, T.O. Manyk, A.I. Savchuk, V.R. Bilynskyj-Slotylo

Peculiarities of The Chemical Bond of FeSe and FeTe

Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University, 58000, Kotsyubinskogo St. 2, Chernivtsi, Ukraine, e-mail:manykto@rambler.ru

Mathematical model of the chemical bond of FeSe and FeTe was created by the methods of elasticity and crystal lattice dynamics and shown its possibilities in technological problems solving.
Keywords: iron selenide, iron telluride, chemical bond, force coefficients, characteristic frequencies, elastic modules.

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D.D. Naumova, I.O. Korbut, T.A. Voitenko, S.A. Nedilko

Heterovalent Substitution of Ceramics Bi2212

Kiev Taras Shevchenko National University, chemical department, Volodymyrska str., 60, 01601 Kyiv, Ukraine, voitana@ukr.net

The samples Bi2Sr2Ca1-хLnxCu2O8+d, Bi2Sr2-хLnxCaCu2O8+d, Bi2Sr2-хLnxCa1-хLnxCu2O8+d, де Ln – La, Nd, Eu, Gd, Ho, Er, Lu. were synthesized using the ceramic technique with precursor. For Bi2212 homogeneity region, structural parameters, electrophysical properties, oxygen stoichiometry depend on their composition (x) and Tcon value was study. Shown, that the value of Tcon does not depend on the value of oxygen index- d.
Keywords: high-temperature superconductivity, Bi-contaning ceramic, oxygen stoichiometry.

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G.Ya. Gurgula, N.D. Freik

Crystal Chemistry of Points Defects and Formation of the ZnSexS1-x Solid Solutions

Vasyl Stefanyk PreCarpathian National University 57, Shevchenko Str., Ivano-Frankivsk, 76018, Ukraine, E-mail:

The crystal quasi-chemical formulae of the formation of the solid solutions ZnSxTe1-x for n-and p-types of conductivity of the basic binary compounds ZnS and ZnTe are proposed. The dominant models of point defects in solid solutions ZnSхTe1-x were determined. Dependence of concentration of defects, free current carriers and the Hall concentration of the composition of solid solutions were also calculated.

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L.V. Turovska

Defect Subsystem of Thermoelectric PbTe-BiTe Solid Solutions

Department of Physics and Chemistry of Solid State Physicochemical Institute at the Vasyl Stefanyk PreCarpathian National University 57, Shevchenko Str.,
Ivano-Frankivsk, 76018, Ukraine, e-mail:

Analysis of dependences of thermoelectric parameters of n-PbTe-BiTe, p-PbTe-BiTe solid solutions on their contents has been presented. By the crystal-chemical formalism formation of solid solutions based on PbTe has been examined. Dependence of concentrations of point defects and Hall concentrations of current carriers on solid solution content and the value of deviation from the stoichiometric composition of the base material has been calculated.

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L.I. Myronyuk, V.L. Chelyadyn, I.F. Myronyuk

Atomic Structure and Morphology of Polytitanic Acids Particles Obtained Under Different Conditions of Liquid-Phase Synthesis

Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathion National University, 57 Shevchenko Vul., Ivano-Frankivsk, 76025, Ukraine, e-mail:

Titanium-containing hydrocomplex [Ti(OH2)6]4+ solution, obtained by interaction of TiCl4 with hydrochloric acid, is a convenient precursor for synthesis of amorphous politytanate acids with the specified chemical structure and porosity. In the acidic reaction medium (pH ~ 1.5 ÷ 2.5), macroporous material ТіО(ОН)2 is formed. It has pores of size 15–30 nm and specific surface 110 m2 • g-1. In the weak-acid medium (pH ~ 5.0 ÷ 6.0), microporous product ТіО(ОН)2 • Н2О is formed. It has pores of size ~ 1.2 nm and specific surface 453 m2 • g-1. Nanoribbons containing two rows of octahedra TiO6 are protoparticles in the microporous product. Half of the six anions O2- in the octahedra are involved in the formation of bridges > Ti - O - Ti < , and the other anions compose OH groupings and molecules H2O. To maintain the valence balance in octahedra TiO6 , OH-groups with neighboring titanium atoms have to make pair hydrogen bonds. Decomposition of adsorbed water due to the catalytic action of politytanate acid surface leads to formation of ions Н3О+ and molecules H2O2.
Keywords: polytitanic acid, titanium-containing precursor, hydronium ion, hydrogen peroxide, water splitting, atomic structure model of ortotitanic acid.

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B.K. Ostafiychuk, M.V. Vyshyvanyuk, N.Y. Ivanichok, B.I. Rachiy, I.M. Budzulyak, R.P. Lisovskyy

The Behavior of Porous Carbon Material in Li2SO4, Na2SO4 and K2SO4 Water Electrolytes

Vasyl Stefanyk PreCarpathian National University, 57 Shevchenko Street, Ivano-Frankivsk, 76025, Ukraine

The electrochemical behavior of porous carbon material (PCM) in 1 mol/l Li2SO4, Na2SO4 and K2SO4 aqueous electrolytes is investigated in the article. The cyclic voltammetric curves at different scan rates show that specific capacity of electrochemical system on base of PCM and those electrolytes increase in the order of Li2SO4<Na2SO4<K2SO4. This is due to increase of hydrated ions mobility in the bulk electrolyte and in the inner pores of PCM electrode in the order of Li+<Na+<K+. The above results give the possibility to form the hybrid supercapacitors with predicted characteristics.
Keywords: porous carbon material, hybrid supercapacitor, electrochemical supercapacitor, electric double layer.

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P.S. Chukhnenko1, V.G. Ivanytska2, Z.V. Tomashyk1, V.M. Tomashyk1, I.B. Stratiychuk1

The Surface Condition of Undoped and Doped by the IVth Group Elements CdTe after Polishing in (NH4)2Cr2O7 – HCl – C6H8O7 Aqueous Solutions

1V. Lashkaryev Institute of Semiconductor Physics NAS of Ukraine, Nauky pr. 41, Kyiv, 03028, Ukraine
2Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University, 58000, Kotsyubinskogo St. 2, Chernivtsi, Ukraine

The nature of chemical dissolution of undoped and doped by the Ge, Sn, Pb cadmium telluride with the etchant solution (NH4)2Cr2O7 – HCl – C6H8O7 in reproducible hydrodynamics conditions have been investigated. The isolines of equal etching rates were constructed. Concentration region of polishing solution and limiting stages of the etching process was determined. The surface condition of crystals after chemical-mechanical polishing of new created and optimized solutions has been determined by metallographic and profilographic analyses.
Keywords: cadmium telluride, impuritues, chemical-dynamical polishing, roughness of surface.

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A.A. Shyichuk1, S. Lis2

Optimization of Paremeters of Pechini Sol-Gel Method for Synthesis of Nanoluminophore Sr3Y2(BO3)4:Eu3+

1Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian national university. Shevchenko str. 57, 76025, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine;
2Adam Mickiewicz University, Grunwaldzka str. 6, 60-780 Poznan, Poland

Mixed orthoborate of composition of Sr3Y2(BO3)4 doped with Eu3+ ions was obtained via sol-gel Pechini method. Optimal quantities of citric and boric acid were found. According to TEM, obtained nanoparticles tend to agglomerate due to high-temperature furnacing.
Keywords: nanoluminophore, nanotechnology, Eu3+, borate.

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Yu.V. Stadnyk1, L.P. Romaka1, P. Rogl2, E.K. Hlil3, V.V. Romaka2,4, A.M. Horyn1

Crystal and Electronic Structures of Ti1-хDyxNiSn Substitutional Solid Solution

1Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Kyryl & Mephodiy Str., 6, 79005, Lviv, Ukraine;
2Іnstitut fur Physikalische Chemie, Universitat Wien, A-1090 Wien, Austria
3Іnstitut Neel, CNRS, ВР 166, Grenoble 38042, France;
4National University “Lvivska Politechnika”, Lviv, 79013 Ukraine

The crystal and electronic structures of Ti1-хDyxNiSn substitutional solid solution were investigated. It was determined its homogenity region which reached up to х ≈ 0,20. The distribution on density of electronic states within the framework of self-congruent Korringa–Kohn–Rostoker method in coherent potential approximation (KKR-CPA-LDA) was calculated. The calculations specified in semiconducting character of electronic band structure, and including of Dy atoms to the TiNiSn crystal structure results in Fermi level shifting to the valence band.
Keywords: semiconductor, density of states, Fermi level.

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I.V. Fesych1, S.О. Solopan2, A.G. Dziazko1, S.A. Nedilko1

Synthesis, Optical and Electrical Properties of Complex Oxides in the System Y – Ba – Ni – Zn – O

1Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, 64 Volodymyrska str., 01601 Kyiv, Ukraine, e-mail:fesych@univ.kiev.ua
2V.I. Vernadskii Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry of the Ukrainian NAS, 32-34 Palladina Ave., 03680 Kyiv, Ukraine

In the system Y – Ba – Ni – Zn – O phase formation of complex oxides were investigated. X-ray analysis shows that the field of solid solution existence in the system is within the interval of 2,0≤х≤2,5. Single-phase samples were indexed in tetragonal singony. Additional peaks were shown to observe in X-ray spectra at larger х values. These packs are attributed to ZnO phase. Increase of nickel amount causes appearance of reflexes, which correspond to Y2BaNiO5 and BaNiO2,5 phases. It was found that oxygen surrounding of nickel is five in the solid solution of YBa2Ni3-хZnxO7-δ (2,0≤х≤2,5). Treatment of impedance spectroscopy data allows us to confirm that increase of nickel content results in improvement of conductive properties of complex oxides.
Keywords: isoelectron analogues, sol-gel method, diffuse reflectance spectrum, impedance spectroscopy.

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P.М. Мilyan1, E.E. Semrad2, Zh.І. Мilyan1, G.V. Кun3

Thermodynamic Investigation of the Pb-Sb-O System


Uzhgorod National University,  Uzhgorod, Ukraine

2Hungarian Institute named Ferenc Rakoczy, Beregovo, Ukraine 

3Uzhhorod National University,  Uzhgorod, Ukraine


In present work the thermodynamic analysis of process of interaction of PbO і Sb2O3 is carried out. The values of Gibbs energy were calculated in order to establish the dependence of mechanism of this reaction in atmosphere of О2 on temperature and partial pressure of oxygen.
Key words: Gibbs energy, oxides, ternary compounds, structure.

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V.F. Zinchenko1, V.P. Sobol’2, O.V. Sviridova3,4

Structural and Spectral Features of Germanium – Based Interference Optics for Infrared Range of Spectrum

1A.V. Bogatsky Physico-Chemical Institute of the National Academy of science of Ukraine, 86 Lustdorfska doroga str., Odessa, 65080, Ukraine, e-mail:vfzinchenko@ukr.net
2State Enterprise for special instrument making "Arsenal", 8 Moscovska Str., Kyiv, 02010, Ukraine, e-mail:borisgor@ukr.net
3 I.I. Mechnikov Odessa National University, 2 Dvoryanska Str., Odessa, Ukraine, e-mail: sviridova@onu.edu.ua
4Odessa National Polytechnic University, 1 Shevchenko Av., Odessa, Ukraine

In fabrication of the optical elements with clarifying coatings germanium is used in a double role – both as a substrate in optical structure and in the form of a layer in interference coating. It is established, that even in case of condensation on heated substrate Ge layer becomes completely amorphous. The gypsochromic shift of the edge of absorbency from 1.8 to 0.9 micrometers is observed, and the average diameter of the nanoparticles (5.7 nm) is estimated. It was established that in the range of spectrum from 7.5 to 11.5 micrometers Fresnel reflection is practically nullified due to clarifying coating and this has allowed increasing transmission to more than 95 %, (till 98 % in the range of Ge maximum transparency), i.e. it exceeded value for Ge substrate more than twice. Tests of coating operational properties confirm its high mechanical durability (group 0), thermal and climatic firmness.
Keywords: germanium substrate, Fresnel reflection, refractive index, clarifying coatings, nanostructure.

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V.V. Klepko1, O.M. Zhygir1,2 , N.V. Kozak1, М.М. Мinenko1

Investigation of Molecular Mobility Features of Cross-Linked Polyurethanes Nanostructured IN SITU by Complex Metal Compounds

1Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry NAS of Ukraine, 48, Kharkivske shausse, Kyiv, 02160, Ukraine
2NTUU ”Kyiv polytechnical institute”, 37, Prospect Peremogy, Kyiv, 03056, Ukraine

Dynamic and ionic conductivity of cross-linked polyurethanes (PU), nanostructured by coordinating polyheteronucleus metal organic complexes were studied. It was shown, that for PU, modified by complex compound [Cu2Zn(NCS)3(Me2Ea)3](CH3CN, which was formatted in dimethylformamide (DMF), the greatest ionic mobility is exhibited. The mechanism of ionic conductivity is investigated. One testifies to influencing free bulk on process of carrying of a charge. On a level of deflection from linear Arrenius dependence the investigated systems can be classified as “fragile”.

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T. Novikova1, T. Sakhno1, I. Korotkova1, N. Barashkov2, Yu. Sakhno1, I. Irgibaeva3

The Spectral Properties of Some Coumarins and Pirunes Dyes in Liquid Solvents and Cross-Linked Polymer Matrix

1Academy of science of technological cybernetics of the Ukraine Poltava Department, Ukraine
2Micro-Tracers, Inc, Department of R&D, San Francisco, CA, 94124, United States
3L.N. Gumilyov’s Eurasian National University, Department of Chemistry, Astana, Kazakhstan

The paper presents the experimental data and results of quantum-chemical calculations of energies characteristics of coumarins derivatives in ethanol solvents and epoxypolymer matrix. It is executed the effects of solvent polarity on absorption and fluorescence spectra of C504 and DCM by quantum-chemical calculations. The modeling results were compared with experimental data.
Keywords: luminophors (С504, DСМ), absorption and fluorescence spectra, Kirkwood-Onzager constant, quantum-chemical calculations.

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O.S. Khudoyarova, D.I. Kryklyvyy, Y.O. Polishchuk

The Complex Processing of Alunite Phosphate Systems

Vinnitsya State Pedagogical University named after M. Kotsiubynskiy Ostrozkogo St. 32, Vinnitsya, Ukraine

The processing of alunite phosphate systems has been investigated by gas-recovering method. It has been ascertained that on account of processing in gas phase sulfides of phosphorus are obtained. In solid phase aluminates of alkaline metals and alkaline soil metals are obtained, which are used for getting of alumina or alumina cements and potassium sulfate.

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V. Zabludovskiy, R. Ganich, V. Artemchuk

Influence of Parameters of Impulsive Current on Forming of Structure of Alloys of Metals of Group of Iron with Phosphorus

Acad. V. Lazaryan Dnepropetrovsk national university of railway transport Dnepropetrovsk, street of akad. V. Lazaryan, 2, Ukraine,
art_vv@ukr.net, (067)5659803

 Influencing of electric parameters is considered in the article, namely closenesses of current, to scalding of impulses and frequency at the electrolytic causing of coverages on the percentage of components of alloys iron-phosphorus and iron - nickel -phosphorus. The got dependences allow to define effective electric parameters (closeness of current, scalding, frequency) which influence on the concentration of phosphorus in alloys iron-phosphorus and iron - nickel -phosphorus in the set ranges at the electrolytic causing of coverages.

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D.М. Freik, І.V. Gorichok, R.O. Dzumedzey, Yu.V. Lysyuk, V.P. Koznyk, A.P. Koznyk.

Synthesis and Thermoelectric Properties PbTe:Sb

Vasyl Stefanyk Prekarpathian University, Shevchenko Str., 57, Ivano-Frankivsk, 76025, Ukraine, E-mail: fcss@pu.if.ua

 The results of the study of thermoelectric properties of lead telluride samples doped with antimony fabricated by metal-ceramic method. Revealed a correlation between technological factors and thermoelectric parameters of the material.

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O.V. Galochkin1, V.M. Zhykharevich2, А.I. Rarenko1, V.M. Strebezhev1, Ya.D. Zakharuk1, S.G. Dremlyuzhenko1

Powerful Monoimpulsive Laser Radiation Influence on Melting Depth of CdTe and Cd0,8Mn0,2Te Crystals

1Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University, Kotsyubinskiy str.2, Chernivtsi, Ukraine e-mail: microel-dpt@chnu.edu.ua
2Chernivtsi Department of the National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute", Chernivtsi, Ukraine

The experimental information and theoretical calculations of melting depth of surface of CdTe and Cd0,8Mn0,2Te plates as a result of powerful monoimpulse laser irradiation taking into account the processes of intensive evaporation are presented in this article. The values of energy density of laser radiation are determined, at which the process of evaporation of materials becomes substantial. It is shown, that for achieving the maximal depth of melting of superficial layer, it is necessary to conduct a laser irradiation in the inert atmosphere of the promoted pressure, which multiplies the boiling temperature of the molten material and diminishes intensity of evaporation.

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R.O. Dzumedzey, L.I. Nukuruy, Yu.V. Bandura, T.P. Gevak

Thermoelectricity of Doped Crystals PbTe:Bi(Sb) in a Wide Temperature Range

Vasyl Stefanyk PreCarpathian National University 57, Shevchenko Str., Ivano-Frankivsk, 76018, Ukraine, E-mail:fcss@pu.if.ua

Calculated thermoelectric coefficients for PbTe:Sb and PbTe:Bi in the temperature range (77-800) K. The type of behavior dimensionless thermoelectric figure of merit depending on the content of impurities ((1, 1.5 and 2) at.% Sb and (0.25, 0.5, 1 and 2) at.% Bi). A comparative analysis of the influence of alloying additives (Sb, Bi) fixed content dimensionless thermoelectric figure of merit crystalline lead telluride.
Keywords: lead telluride, doping, thermoelectric coefficient, thermoelectric figure of merit.

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M.I. Shut, T.G. Sichkar, P.M. Malezhyk

The Investigation of the Kinetics of Curing of Epoxy Oligomer in Magnetic Field

M.P. Dragomanov National Pedagogical University, 01601, Kyiv, Ukraine, E-mai:petko@i.ua


The influence of a constant magnetic field (CMF) on a kinetics of formation of structure of an epoxy oligomer ED-20 is analysed. The investigation was held by an acoustic method. The elastic and viscoelastic characteristics were investigated simultaneously with analysis of a changes in structure. It is established, that on temperature relation of mechanical losses in samples oriented crosswise CMF the glass transition displaces in area of higher temperatures in comparison with the working sample and the sample oriented lengthways CMF. The calculated value of orientation factor of reaches the size γ = 0,34.

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G.M. Burak, O.M. Versta, V.V. Lewinskyj, O.O. Struminska, V.M. Sachko, V. Konup

Additives – Modifiers of Properties of Concrete Mixtures and Concrete

Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University, 57 Shevchenko Street, Ivano-Frankivsk, 76025, Ukraine

Concrete and mortars – important ancient building materials. An important area of technology is the use of special materials other then water, fillers and cement. This is called additive modifiers, which are directed positive influence on the properties of concrete mixture and hardened concrete. We reviewed some surface phenomena in cement systems for the understanding of the mechanism of influence of surfactants on the properties of concrete mix and concrete, as one way to improve the efficiency of building materials is their use within the complex chemical applications on the basis of polyfunctional surfactants and salts of alkali metals. Established that the additives of surfactants prevents floccules is Deflocculant cement that significantly enhances the quality and properties of concrete mixture and hardened concrete. We have examined various types of additives, which are a diverse, including reducing water losses, increase the mobility of the concrete mixture, it plastyfikatsiya and stabilization by adsorption of additives on the surface of air bubbles, increasing resistance hardened concrete. The analysis found that pH additive “Stahement” equal 4.3, and density equal to 1.123 g/cm3. This additive is promising as an accelerated approval of concrete mix in the processing of steam. When dry, thermal processing additives did not work.

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L.V. Bazyuk, H.O. Sirenko

Thermophysical Properties of Metals and Alloys: 3. Coefficient of Thermal Capacity Dependence from Temperature and Radius of Atoms

Vasyl Stefanyk’ Precarpathian National University, 57, Shevchenko Str., Ivano-Frankivsk, 76025, Ukraine, e-mail:sirenkog@rambler.ru

The dependence of coefficient of thermal capacity from temperature, serial number and radius of atom of metals has been analyzed and proved by correlation and regression analysis. It is shown that with increasing temperature for most metals and alloys thermal capacity іncreases. Established that growth between coefficient of thermal capacity and the radius of metal atoms no linear connection between a metals of periodic elements at temperatures 100, 200, 273, 298 and 700 K is close linear relationship.
Keywords: metals, alloys, coefficient of thermal capacity, thermophysical properties, radius of metal atoms, correlation analysis, regression analysis.

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Yu.V. Ushenin, R.V. Khristosenko, A.V. Samoylov, Yu.S. Gromovoy, E.B. Kaganovich, E.G. Manoilov, S.A. Kravchenko, B.A. Snopok

Porous Alumium thin Films Obtained by Pulsed Laser Deposition for Surface Plasmon-Polariton Sensory Structures

V. Lashkaryov Institute of Semiconductor Physics, NAS of Ukraine 41, prospect Nauky, 03028 Kyiv, Ukraine


Thin films of porous aluminum by pulsed laser deposition on the gold surface of the transducer surface plasmon resonance (SPR) placed in the target plane from a reverse flow of low-energy particle of an erosion torch were obtained. The measured angular dependence of the SPR in the Kretschmann geometry by means of an optical model based on Fresnel’s equations with an effective refractive index (1.30 – 1.17) and extinction coefficient (k ≈ 0) for films with 200 – 35 nm thickness were fitted. The porous aluminum films formation model based on the analysis of SPR study, atomic force microscopy and quartz microbalance data was proposed. The prepared films can be used to create various elements of the plasmon optoelectronics, in particular the sensitive elements of optoelectronic sensor systems for the analysis of gases or liquids.
Keywords: рulsed laser deposition, porous aluminum oxide, plasmon-polariton resonance, gas sensor.

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N.D. Vorzobova, V.G. Bulgakova, Yu.E. Burunkova, A.I. Moskalenko

The Process of Periodic Structures Fabrication in Photocurable Composite Materials

St. Petersburg State University of Information Technologies, Mechanics, and Optics, St. Petersburg, Russia


Possibility of interference method realization using monomeric compositions and nanocomposites is shown. Periodic structures with submicronic and nanoscale elements and diffraction efficiency up to 50 % were obtained. It is shown that ZnO nanoparticle doping and nanoparticle concentration increasing leads to diffraction efficiency growth. Probable mechanisms and a role of diffusion processes at structures formation are determined.
Keywords: interference lithography, polymer structures, nanocomposite, diffraction efficiency.

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A.A. Druzhinin1,2, Yu.M. Khoverko1,2, I.P. Ostrovskii2, S.I. Nichkalo1,2, A.A. Nikolaeva3, L.A. Konopko3, I. Stich3

Investigation of Ga-In Contacts to Si, Ge and SiGe Wires for Sensor Application

1Lviv Polytechnic National University, Lviv, Ukraine
2International Laboratory of High Magnetic Fields and Low Temperatures, Wroclaw, Poland
3Institute of Electronic Engineering and Industrial Technologies Academy of Science of Moldova, Kishinev, Moldova

Resistance and magnetoresistance of Si, Ge and Si-Ge micro- and nanowires were studied in temperature range 4,2 – 300 K at magnetic fields up to 14 T. The wires diameters range from 200 nm to 20 (m. Ga-In gates were created to wires and ohmic I-U characteristics were observed in all temperature range. It was found high elastic strain for Ge nanowires (of about 0,7 %) as well as high magnitude of magnetoresistance (of about 250 % at 14 T), which was used to design multifunctional sensor of simultaneous measurements of strain and magnetic field intensity.

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S.P. Novosyadlyy, R.B. Atamaniuk, T.R. Sorohtey, L.V. Miller, Yu.V. Wozniak

Technological Features of Dry Vacuum Lithography to Form Submicron VLSI Structures

Dep. Radiophysics and Electronics at PreCarpathian Vasyl Stefanyk National University 57, Shevchenko Str., Ivano-Frankivsk, 76018, Ukraine, e-mail:kre@pu.if.ua

An important problem of modern microelectronics - is the creation of new materials and vacuum processes on the basis that would combine manufacturing operations producing submicron structures in a single automated cycle and achieve a degree of integration of elements on a chip with the use of cluster hardware. That is the problem of technological integration to a large degree constrained by lithographic processes by which forms necessary configuration of individual elements circuit. Today, these processes are carried out by chemical methods that are based on fluid processes and gives unity closed technological cycle and consuming highly toxic solvents. It should be emphasized that the processing of a single silicon wafer is used 5l organic solvents. Liquid lithography processes is a serious obstacle in obtaining submicron size (<1mkm) due to isotropy of processes of developing and etching. Thus, the existing lithography does not meet modern standards of technology structures forming LSI. Materials of this article define the modern methods of dry lithography in the context of sub-structures and nanomikronnyh fast LSI.

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