Physics and Chemistry of Solid State

2007   Volume 8   N3


Physical-Mathematical Sciences

Optical and Operational Properties of Thin-Film Systems for Interference Optics (Review)
V.F. Zinchenko, V.P. Sobol’, G.I. Kocherba, Ye.V. Timukhin
Time Relaxation Method and Variation Procedure in the Transport Phenomena Analysis on AIVBVI Semiconductors
D.M. Freik, L.I. Nykyruy, O.I. Iljkiv, O.M. Voznyak
Electron Energy Spectrum in Semiconductor Elliptical Nanowire
V.A. Holovatsky, V.I. Gutsul
To a Question on Correlation Dependences of the Kinetic Properties Thin Films Depending on Their Thickness
J.S. Budzhak, D.M. Freik, V.F. Pasichnyak
Conductivity Mechanisms in ZrNiSn Intermetallic Semiconductors Highly Doped by Co. II. Electronic Structure Simulation
V.A. Romaka, M.G. Shelyapina, Yu.K. Gorelenko, Yu.V. Stadnyk, L.P. Romaka, D. Fruchart, V.F. Chekurin
Conductive and Dielectric Properties Mg-Substitute Lithium-Iron Spinel
B.K. Ostafiychuk, L.S. Kaykan, І.М. Gasyuk, B.Ya. Deputat
Fundamental Absoption Edge of As40S60-xSex
V.M. Rubish, O.G. Guranich, P.P. Guranich
Estimation of Width of Gyroactive Exciton Band of Crystal TeO2
Ja.O. Dovhyj, Ja.P. Kost’, I.G. Man’kovska, I.M. Sol’skyj
Temperature Dependences of the Non-Stoichiometric Li-Ti Ferrospinels Conductivity
B.K. Ostafiychuk, I.M. Gasyuk, V.V. Ugorchuk
Simulation of Rapid Thermal Annealing of Low-Energy Implanted Arsenic in Silicon
F.F .Komarov, A.F. Komarov, A.M. Mironov, G.M. Zayats, V.A. Tsurko, O.I. Velichko
Effect of Flat Defects on Scattering of Normal and Fluctuation Carriers in ReBa2Cu3O7-δ (Re = Y, Ho) Single Crystals
R.V. Vovk
Impurity Conductance Studies in SiGe < Hf,Pt >
Ya.S. Budzhak, A.A. Druzhinin, I.P. Ostrovskii, Yu.M. Khoverko, Iu.R. Kogut
Features of Current Carrier Scattering in the Polycrystalline Thin Films of Lead Telouride
D.M. Freik, B.S. Dzundza, G.E. Malashkevych, G.D. Mateik
The Distribution of Superfine Interaction’s Parameters in Superficial Layers of Epitaxial Yttrium Iron Garnet Films
B.K. Ostafiychuk, V.M. Pylypiv, V.M. Tkachuk, О.M. Tkachuk, O.O. Grygoruk, S.I. Jaremiy
Degradation of PbTe Films Under Burning on Air and Vacuum
Y.V. Klanichka, M.O. Galuschak, Ya.S. Yavorskiy

Chemical Sciences

Mathematic Approach for Estimation of Local Physic-Chemical Process of Ionic Exchange on the Boundary of Metal Electrode – Electrolyte
A. Shalygin, A. Kalinkov, V. Tishenko
The Modifiding of Magnetite by Silica
L.S. Semko, L.P. Storozhuk, P.P. Gorbyk, L.S. Dzyubenko, I.V. Dubrovin, O.I. Oranskaya
Influence of the Elemental Composition of the Amorphous Metallic Alloys Fe-Me-Si-B on the Catalytic Activity in the Red/Ox Reactions
L.M. Bednarska, O.M. Hertsyk, M.O. Kovbuz, S.I. Mudry, B.Ya. Kotur
Solid Solution Mechanisms of Formation and Point Defects of Thermo-Electric Material on the Basis of GeTe-Bi2Te3
L.Yo. Mezhylovska, L.D. Yurchyshyn
Photoprocesses in Carbazole-Content Films of the Molecular Complexes with Fullerens
L.A. Bulavin, О.P. Dmytrenko, М.А. Zabolotnyy, N.М. Belyy, Е.S. Коbus, N.P. Kulish, Yu.I. Prylutskyy, V.S. Stashchuk, S.L. Studzinskyy, D.А. Gryn’ko
Corrosion Properties of Copper-Stunum Condensate System and Their Analogies in Atmosphere Areas
E.V. Lyapina, A.I. Kostrzhytskiy
Replacement Eu on Ln in systems of the composition Eu1-xLnxBa2Cu3Oy and Eu1-xLnxBa2Cu4Oy (Ln = Pr, Tb: 0  x  0,5)
S.A. Nedilko, O.B. Nichiporuk
Сrystalquasichemiсal Modelling of Interaction of Oxidic Components at Formation Magnesium-Zinc Ferrites
N.B. Gamanyuk, T.R. Tatarchuk, R.R. Jakubowskyi
Mechanisms of Self-Doping and the Defects Subsystem on the Crystals of Sulphide Zinc
H.Ya. Babushchak, N.D. Freik
Adsorption of Phenoxy Carboxylic Acids on Surfaces Modification of Superfine Silica
O.V. Smirnova
Crystal-Chemical Mechanism of Dysproportion of Charge State of Admixture of INDIUM in the Crystals of Lead Telluride p-PbTe< Te >:In and n-PbTe< Pb >:In
D.M. Freik, L.V. Turovska, V.V. Boryk, N.I. Dykun

Technical Sciences

Profilometric, SEM and AFM Investigations of Titanium and Steel Surface Micro- and Nanoroughness Induced by Neutralized Krypton Ion Beam as a First Stage of Fractal Analysis
J. Bałamucki, P. Czarnecki, T. Gotszalk, A. Marendziak, I. Rangelow, J. Wilk and Z.W. Kowalski
Method of Computer Micro-Photometric of Electron-Microscopic Pictures
V.P. Ivanitsky, M.Ju. Bobyk
Methods of the Transmission Characteristics Shaping of Optical Filters Using Thin Films
G.A. Sukach, V.О. Manko
Using a Photographic Film for Visualized Heterogeneous Reactions of Infinitely Small Intensity
M.O. Yelizarov
The Dependence of the Indices Physic-mechanical Properties from Parameters Distribution of the Carbon Fibers for Cоmposite on the base of the Polytetrafluoroetelene
H.A. Sirenko, L.V. Bazyuk, A.V. Shyichuk
Application of Signal Processing Elements for the Characteristics of Acoustic Emission Pulses Generated by Partial Discharges
Tomasz Boczar
Choice of the Rational Composition Source Reagent and Mode of Conduct of the Process Under Chromosilicided Carbon of Steel
V.F. Loskutov, I.S. Pogrebova, M.М. Bobins, C.V. Iantsevitch, V.D. Dobrovolsky, M.V. Karpets
Heteroepitaxial Structures ZnSxSe1-x/GaAs - Reception, Physical Properties, Applications
A.V. Kovalenko
The Influence of Sintering Conditions on Structure and Phase Composition of Fe-Ti System
I.Ya. Petryk
An Effect of Axial Heat Flow on the Distribution of Steady-State Temperatures Along Short Segments of Electric Conductors
Mirosław Pawłot
Fractional Corona Poling and Electrical Relaxation in Electret Films
A.F. Butenko, A.E. Sergeeva, S.N. Fedosov
Nonlinear Electrical Properties of p-n Heterostructures Based on Ferrimagnetic Fe3O4
V. Lisauskas, B. Vengalis, K. Šliužienė, R. Butkutė
Wear Ability of Metal Surfaces in Lubrication with Polycomponent Compositions Based on Chemical-Modification Rape-Oil
H.A. Sirenkо, О.V. Кuzyshyn, L.Ya. Midak, L.M. Kyrychenko, V.I. Kyrychenko
Approval of the XI International Conference Physics and Technology of Thin Films and Nanosystem (ICPTTFN-XI), Ivano-Frankivsk, May 7-12, 2007 (.pdf, 435kb)
Information for Authors (.pdf, 266kb)