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РоботаQuality Market Engineer

Quality Market Engineer

As the expert of the product (washing machine) to be the connection between the client and Quality Organization.
Collect and analyse customer feedback, based on the data from company quality reporting systems;
Collect and analyse safety risk data from the company database, initiate immediate corrective activities;
Manage the factory quality reporting for the assigned areas (service call, warranty cost, etc.)
Manage the return of defect components and appliances from the market, organize the detailed analysis, prepare the reports, and initiate improvement activities;
Manage the field test of the appliances, provide test reports about the outcomes;
Deploy quality improvement tools in the improvement actions with the market service organisation;
Continuous benchmark with other organisations, to identify and implement best practice solutions on the plant.
High technical education;
Working experience in manufacturing company (Product Line, Product Care, Purchasing, Quality) would be an advantage;
Technical mindset with passion for electronics;
Strong analytical and communication skills, problem-solving ability;
Good knowledge of MS Office (Excel is a must);
Upper-intermediate English.
Контактна інформація
Ім'я: Наталія Онисків
Телефон: 050 406 26 80

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