PCSS, V.4, 2, 2003


.D. Freik

Atomic Defects and Physical-Chemical Properties on Lead Chalkogenides Thin Films (Review)

Physical-Chemical Institute at the 'Vasyl Stefanyk' Prekarpathian University,
57, Shevchenko Str., Ivano-Frankivsk, 76000, Ukraine, E-mail: fcss@pu.if.ua

From both analysis of physical processes and used of quasichemical and thermal-dynamical approaches the processes of defect formation on lead chalkogenides thin films, growth from vapour phases, and thermal annealing on vacuum and oxygen athmosphere, and at the doping and irradiation influence are researches.

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M.V. Tkach, V.A. Holovatsky, Y.M. Berezovsky

Spectrum and wave Functions of the Hydrogenlike Impurity in the Spherical Quantum Dot Embedded Into the Medium

. . ,

The theory of the spectrum and wave functions of the impurity electron in spherical quantum dot (QD) with the different effective masses and dielectric constants in different media is developed for the first time. The exact solutions of Shrodinger equation correlate well with the experimental data for the localized impurity exciton in small quantum dots CdS embedded into silicate glass and also describe the spectrum of electron interacting with the donor impurity embedded into the center of quantum dot with arbitrary sizes. At is shown that for the rather big radius of the quantum dot the electron energy spectrum asymptotically limits to the hydrog enlike.

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Y.. Stakhira, N.. Tovstyuk

Phase Transitions at the Heat Treatment of Gallium Selenides Films

Ivan Franko Lviv National University, electronic faculty, semiconductor physics department,
50, Dragoanov Str., Lviv, 79005, Ukrain

The thermaldynamics of GaSe oxidation is researches on lattice model with two types of atoms (oxygen and selenium), which occupy two energy different states (lattice - a -state or interlattice - b-state). The sharply redistribution is received: ) by selenium and oxygen atomics due to chemical potentiales, ) by selenium atomics at the a-state and oxygen atomics at the b-state, due to oxygen shemical potential. The influence of interaction on selenium and oxygen sublattice on phase transition conditions on sharply redistribution fields and exfoliation conditions between uniform phases, which answer on structural formation Ga2Se3 and Ga2O3 on phase transition fields are study. It is shown, that exfoliation field specializes with temperature increase.

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S.V. Kozytckyy, V.P. Pysarskyy1, D.D. Polishchuk1

Obtaining of ZnSe by Means of Self-Propagating High-Temperature Synthesis

National Sea Academy, 8, Didrikhson Str., Odessa, 65029, Ukraine
1I.I. Mechnikov' National University, 2, Dvoryanska Str., Odessa, 65000, Ukraine

The method of Self-propagating High-temperature Synthesis (SHS) was used to obtain polycrystalline ZnSe. This substance was formed as a result of propagation of chemical reaction along the mixture of Zn and Se powders. The final product was ZnSe with completeness of chemical transformation 97-98%, and pure polycrystalline was covered by non-stoichiometric materials. The ZnSe obtained did not absorb infrared radiation (inside the range of 2-12 mm ) and mechanism of luminescence is the same as for monocrystals. We suppose that SHS-ZnSe may be used as a luminofor and as transparent material for laser technique.

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Ja.S. Budzhak

About Spatial Quantification on Thin Films

National University "Lvivska Polytechnika",
79013, Lviv-13, Bandery Str., 12

The criterion of spatial quantification of charge carriers of spectrum on thin conduction films is established. Therefore both the kinetic properties of thin films and the carrier concentration on theirs are correlation from thickness. Is shown, that additional scattering on films surface may be lead to that correlation.

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P.O. Gentsar, L.O. Matveeva, L.A. Demchyna, E.F. Venger

Characterization of Structural Perfectness of Epitaxial n-GaAs Films by Electroreflectance Method

'V.E. Lashkarev' Institute of Semiconductor Physics of NAS Ukraine,
45, Nauky Av., Kyiv-28, 03028, Ukraine, E- mail: matveeva@isp.kiev.ua

Homoepitaxial films of GaAs (100) with concentration of electrons n = 1014 - 51018 cm-3 were investigated at T = 300 K by electroreflectance method using unpolarized light. The results obtained show that an additional extremum appears on the long wavelength wing of E0 band at the concentration of electrons n = 51016 cm-3. This extremum is related to the electrooptical effect of donor levels' population that explains both the shape and amplitude of the additional band. Using the numerical analysis of the experimental data we estimated the built-in electrical field, energy relaxation time of the optically excited carriers and their mobility. The dependence of the broadening parameter on the carrier concentration is analyzed.

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Andrzej Misiuk1, Wojciech Jung1, Barbara Surma1,2, Andrzej Kuda1, Artur Wnuk2, Grzegorz Gawlik2

Effect of high temperature-pressure on silicon surface layers in Si:H,He (Si:He) and Si:N

1Institute of Electron Technology,
Al. Lotnikow 32/46, 02-668 Warsaw, Poland; Tel. +48 22 5487792; Fax: +48 22 8470631; E-mail : misiuk@ite.waw.pl,
2Institute of Electronic Materials Technology,
Wolczynska 133, 01-919 Warsaw, Poland; Tel. +4822 8353041 ext. 122; e-mail: surma_b@itme.edu.pl

Enhanced hydrostatic pressure (HP, up to 1.1 GPa) applied at 720 K to Czochralski silicon, implanted with hydrogen and helium (Cz-Si:H,He) or with nitrogen (Cz-Si:N) to a dose D = 1x1017cm-2 at energies E = 135 - 150 keV, and to reference low dose implanted (D = 2x1016cm-2) floating zone grown silicon (Fz-Si:He and Fz-Si:N), exerts pronounced effect on the structural perfection of the near surface Si layers. These layers were more disturbed in the case of the highest applied pressures, especially in Cz-Si:H,He, while creation of thermal donors was HP - stimulated both in Cz-Si:H,He and Cz-Si:N. Qualitative explanation of pressure induced effects is proposed.

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A.G. Khandozhko

NMR Spectra and Current Instability in Pb0,75Sn0,25Te(In) Crystals

Chernivts National University, Radiotechn. Dept,
58012, Chernivtsi, 2, Kotsyubynskiy Str. tel. (03722) 4-24-36, E-mail: rt-dpt@chnu.cv.ua

The NMR spectra and character of an electrical current passing in a solid solution Pb0,75Sn0,25Te:In (NIn=0,4 at.%) have been investigated. The current-voltage characteristics have the S-similar shape with the obviously expressed current instability, which is typical for monocrystals with homogeneous distribution of carriers of current. Nevertheless obtained two-component NMR spectrum on nuclei 207Pb testifies to presence of a concentration microinhomogeneity in monocrystals. The passing of a current in volume of sample, which corresponds to a current-voltage characteristic linear section, practically does not influence on NMR spectrum. At transition in field of high currents the expansion of resonance lines is observed. The absence of a resonant signal on nuclei 115In can testify to an off-center standing of indium atoms in a crystal lattice Pb0,75Sn0,25Te.

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.S. Bolgar, .R. pn

Thermodynamic properties of the rare-earth metals selenides of cerium subgroup (having composition Ln3Se4)

M. Francevich Institute for Problems of Materials Scienses, National Academy of Science of Ukraine,
3, Krzhizhanovsky Str.,03142 Kyiv, E-mail: .:044-424-12-90 E-mail: bas@materials.kiev.ua, allakop@yahoo.com

The enthalpy of La3Se4 (in the range from 450 to 2260 K), Pr3Se4 and Nd3Se4 (in the range from 450 to 2350 K) was measured by the mixture method for the first time. The temperature dependences of the enthalpy H0() - 0(298,15), the heat capasity 0(), the entropy S0(T), the reduced energy of Gibbs '() were obtained for studied compounds in solid and liquid states. In the temperature interval from 300 to Tm (Tm - melting point) La3Se4, Pr3Se4 and Nd3Se4 enthalpy dependences take the form:
H0(T)-H0(298,15 K) = 2,639110-2T2+ 154,58T-1073470T-1-44836,
H0(T)-H0(298,15 K) = 3,479210-2T2+ 153,2T-872562T-1-45842,
H0(T)-H0(298,15 K) = 3,502110-2T2+ 156,74T-839088T-1-47030,
respectively. The melting points for mentioned compounds were determinated: m (La3Se4) = 2108 55 K, m (Pr3Se4) = 1987 60 for Pr3Se4, m(Nd3Se4) = 1971 50 . The enthalpies, entropies of phase conversion were calculated from experimental data: DmH(La3Se4)=180,759,64 kJmol-1, DmS(La3Se4) = 85,74 4,57 Jmol-1-1, DmH (Pr3Se4) =151,410,55 kJmol-1, DmS (Pr3Se4) = 76,19 5,31 Jmol-1-1; DH (Nd3Se4 ) = 130,2 11,81 kJmol-1, DS (Nd3Se4) = 65,95 5,99 Jmol-1-1. A procedure of the heat capacity calculation of isostructural REM selenides is suggested. Thermodynamic characteristics of cerium, promethium, samarium and europium selenides were estimated in the range from 298,15 to 2000K.

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H. Wrzesinska1, K. Malyska2, Z. Rymuza2

Characterization of surface of TiN/CrN and TiN/NbN superlattices deposited on microelectronic materials using Atomic Force Microscopy

1Institute of Electron Technology,
Al. Lotnikow 32/46, 02-668 Warsaw, Poland,
2Warsaw University of Technology, Department of Mechatronics, Institute of Micromechanics and Photonics,
Sw. A. Boboli 8, 02-525 Warsaw, Poland

In this paper we present the 3D images topography of TiN/NbN and TiN/CrN superlattices deposited by dc reactive magnetron sputtering on a <100> oriented monocrystalline Si surface and Si coated 200 nm thick Si3N4 film. The Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) was used in these surface topography studies. The computer program Surface View was used to define the parameters of the studied surfaces. The 3D AFM images were constructed using 128x128 points matrix. The scan area was 950 x 950 nm up to 1650 x 1650 nm. The TiN/CrN superlattices characterize with better flatness of the surface than TiN/NbN. The TiN/CrN/Si3N4/Si composite has distinctly larger grains than TiN/CrN/Si composite and exhibits better uniformity of the hardness distribution. The TiN/CrN/Si3N4/Si superlattice has the highest kurtosis and the lowest skewness values. This composite demonstrates the best tribological behaviour. Keywords: Superlattices, AFM, topography, MEMS.

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Z.D. Kovalyuk, V.P. Makhniy1, O.I. Yanchuk

The Photoelectrical Properties of In2O3-InSe Heterojunction

Chernivtsi Department of Institute of Materials Sciences Problems National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine,
58001, Iryna Vilde St.5 Chernivtsi, Ukraine phone: (03722) 2-00-50 E-mail: chimsp@unicom.cv.ua
1Chernivtsi National University by Yuriy Fedkovich,
58012, Kotsyubinsky St. 2, Chernivtsi, Ukraine

The basic photoelectric characteristics of the anisotropic heterojunctions that were created by a thermal oxidizing of monocrystal substrates was investigated. Influence of a floating voltage and a short-circuit current on a illumination level explains within the framework of the linear generation theory of photocarriers. A photoconduction of high-resistance basis of the diode structure is taking in to account. The photocurrent is caused by generation of nonequilibrium carriers at illumination in the spatial charge area of a heterojunction through local deep centers.

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V.I. Prysyazhnyuk1, O.G. Mykolaychuk1, I.S. Dutsyak2

Electrophysical Properties of Thin Films of Chemical Compounds of System Gd-Fe

1Ivan Franko L'viv National University, Physical Department, Chair of Physics of Metals,
L'viv, 79005, Kyryla & Mephodiya Str. 8, tel. 96-43-06, E-mail: prysyazhnyuk@wups.lviv.ua
2State West Scientific Centre NAN Ukraine,
L'viv, Mateyka Str. 4, tel. 97-07-73.

The thin films of chemical compounds of system Gd-Fe were obtained. As a result of the carried out structural examinations the presence of amorphous structure is confirmed. The temperature dependences of electroconductance and thermoelectric power for amorphous films of three compounds are obtained: GdFe2, GdFe5 and Gd2Fe17.

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I.V. Gutsul, .. scheulov, V.. Gutsul

The Opportunity of Using of the Anisotropic Optics- Thermal-Elements at Irradiation Their Lateral Side

'Yuriy Fedjkovych' Chernivtsy National University,
2, Kotsubynsky Str., Chernivtsy, 58012, Ukraine, tel. (037-2) 54-72-42, E-mail: ilitvinchuk@mail.ru

The calculation of two-dimension temperature distribution of the optics-thermal-elements at irradiation their lateral side is lead. Are received the expression of the transverse thermal-e.m.f. and volt-watt sensitivity of thermal-element for optical passing-through and surface absorption.

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V.V. Bozhko, M.I. Rospopa

Research of Some Optical and Electrical Properties of Glasses Systems CdSe-ASe2-Ga2Se3 (A-Ge,Sn)

'Lesya Ukrainka' Volynj State University, 43025, Lutsk, 13, Voli Av., (tel. 4-92-21, 4-91-57, 77-08-54) e-mail: post@univer.lutsk.ua, nick@lab.univer.lutsk.ua

In work the spectral distribution of the absorption coefficient is investigated in a field of energies 1,2-2,5 eV, photoluminescence and specific electroconductivity of glasses systems CdSe-SnSe2-Ga2Se3 and CdSe-GeSe2-Ga2Se3. The modification of a specific resistance, energy of activation, maxima of photoluminescence is investigated, breadths of a forbidden region from component structure is exemplar. Is established, that the outcomes on an optical absorption well correlate with outcomes on conduction of glasses and photoluminescence, researched in work.

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D.M. Freik, A.M. Yatsura

Own and Impurities Atomic Defects on Lead Selenide Doping Films

'Vasyl Stefanyk' Prekarpathian University, 57, Shevchenko Str., Ivano-Frankivsk, 76000, Ukraine

Mechanisms formation of atomic defects on PbSe{Pb}:Tl and PbSe{Se}:Bi films, grown by vapour phase of hot-wall methods are proposed. Is shown, that basic defects by doping of thallium are one-charge acceptor atomics of thallium [Tli-] and vacancy of selenium [VSe2+]. The bismuth impurity show the amphoterism properties, substitution atomics as on cation [BiPb+], as on anion [BiSe-] sublattices by basic matrix. The equilibrium constants of quasichemical reaction of defects formation are determined.

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Ya.V. Zaulychnyy1, T.F. Loskutova, V.G. Khyzhnyak

X-ray Spectral Researches of Interatomic Interaction on Phases Composites Nb-Cr-C-Covering of Steel U10 and Their Influence on Adhesion of Covers with Matrix

1I.M. Franysevych Institute of Material Science NAS Ukraine,
National Technical University of Ukraine "KPI"

Under skew section of Cr and Nb-Cr carbide coating of stain U10A, it was investigated ultrasoft CrLa-,
CKa-, FeLa and NbM4,5-X ray emission spectra from different coating deep and stain matrix. It is revealed dependency of inter atomic interaction upon coating depth. It is showed that Cr-C coating couples with matrix due to forming Fe-Cr-C bonds thanks to Cr substitution by Fe in coating and Fe substitution by Cr in stain matrix. NbC coating couples by C-C bonds with Fe-Cr-C layer of solid solution coupled with matrix.

Full text (on original language) .pdf (518kb)

B.K. Ostafiychuk, I.M. Budzulyak, Y.T. Solovko

Influence of Laser Irradiation on Structure of Bi-Substituted Ferrite-Garnet Films

Precarpathion University named after V.Stefanyk,
57 Shevchenko Str., Ivano-Frankivsk, 76000, Ukraine

The influence of pulse laser irradiation on structural perfection of Bi-substituted ferrite-garnet films which have been grown on a GGG substrate is investigated by the methods of a two-crystal X-ray diffractometry. It is shown, that structural modification on these films are due from energy density on impulse and from manner of irradiation too (through two- and three-time irradiation by those energy).

Full text (on original language) .pdf (307kb)

V.F. Zinchenko1, N.P. Efryushina1, I.V.Stoyanova1, V.P. Antonovich1, O.G. Eryomin1,
N.M. Bilyavina2, V.Ya. Markiv2, O.V. Mozkova3

Influence of Thermal Treatment in Vacuum Upon Optical Properties of the Film Forming Material EuF3

1A.V. Bogatsky Physico Chemical Institute of NAS of Ukraine, Lustorfska doroga, 86,Odesa,65080, Ukraine tel. 0482-61-82-25, E-mail: physchem@paco.net
2Taras Shevchenko National University, Volodymyrska Str., 60, Kyiv, 01003, Ukraine, tel. 044-266-23-35, E-mail: belmar@mail.kiev.ua
3Central Design Office "Arsenal", Moskovska Str., 8, Kyiv, 01010, Ukraine, tel. 044-254-59-08, E-mail: borisgor@i.com.ua

The influence of synthesis conditions on the stoichiometry, crystal structure and optical properties of europium trifluoride has been studied. The possibility of partial reducing of Eu(III) to Eu (II) during high-temperature treatment in a reducing medium and in a vacuum has been proved. The optical and operational properties of the thin-film coats prepared from the source a-EuF3 using thermal evaporation technique have been studied. The coat was shown to contain either b-EuF3 or the mixture of a-EuF3 and b-EuF3 polymorphs depending on the preparation conditions.

Full text (on original language) .pdf (313kb)
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Attachment 2 .pdf (98kb)

P.O. Kondratenko, Yu.M. Lopatkin1, O.A. Shovkoplyas1

Physical and Irradiation-Chemical Effects on Molecular Systems Bases on HgCl2

High Attestation Committee of Ukraine,
34, Khreschatyk Str., Kyiv, Ukraine, 01001, tel.: 8-044- 228-4773, 8-044-221-2626, E-mail: pkondrat@unicyb.kiev.ua
1Sumy State University,
Sumy, Ukraine tel.: 8-0542- 32-4016, E-mail: ppyuriy@rs.net.ua

With the purpose of development of materials for registration high-energy, including nuclear radiation, experimental researches of thin-film water-soluble polymeric systems which contain corrosive sublimate (HgCl2), quantum-chemical calculations of power structure, a potential surface of the basic, excited and ionized conditions of corrosive sublimate, and also complexes of products transformation of corrosive sublimate with ammonia are carried out. Experimental data testify, that long (in conditions of experiment with 15 minutes) the irradiation of spheres in high-energy quantums of radiation (~3 keV) with the following keeping in pairs ammonia results in occurrence of the image which does not disappear, and even amplifies. Modelling of processes which proceed in , has shown, that in lit up , in which complexes (Cl-turn out (HgNH3) 4-Cl), in presence waters there is a carry of atom of hydrogen between two amino groups. The power barrier to carry of atom of hydrogen is reduced with a molecule of water which acts in a role of the catalyst. For formation(education) of the image necessary condensation of atoms of mercury in a drop for what it is necessary to reach critical concentration of atoms Hg in a film which is possible only at a sufficient exposition of a layer. Dispersion of light on drops of mercury will cause effect of the image of type .

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D.M. Freik, A.M. Dmytriv, S.S. Lisnyak, U.M. Pysklynetsj

Crystal-Quasichemical of Defects on Cadmium Telluride by Sphalerite and Wurtzite Crystal Structure

Physical-Chemical Institute at the Vasyl Stefanyk Prekarpathion University,
57, Shevchenko Str., Ivano-Frankivsk, 76000, Ukraine

Crystal-quasichemical models of own atomic defects formation on a cadmium telluride at the next nonstoichiometry processes are proposed: doping by chlorine, indium, and solid solution formation with isovalent and heterovalent substitution.

Full text (on original language) .pdf (334kb)

N.I. Domanzevych, B.P. Yatsyshyn

The Structure and the Defect Formation of Modified Thin Polymer Films during Age Harderning

Lviv Comercial Academy, Department of the Chemistry and Physics, Tugan-Baranovscy str., 10, Lviv, 79008, Ukraine E-mail: standar@lac.lviv.ua

The structure and the defect formation of the thin polymer films with employment of the inhibitor, which were exposed to long aging in conditions of the closed warehouse premises have been investigated. With the help of IR-spectrometry and electron microscopy researches were established particulars of the structure forming depending on a type of the additives (inhibitors, plasticizers), that used, and, accordingly, typical defects, which arose at long use such thin films.

Full text (on original language) .pdf (289kb)

I.E. Barchij, E.Yu. Peresh, N.Y. Gaboretc, M.Yu. Szabo, V.V. Tzihika

Physico-Chemical Relation in the TlI-Tl6Si4-Tl6SeI4 Ternary System

Uzhgorod National University,
88000, Uzhgorod, 46, Pidgirna Str., E-mail: sla-chem@univ.uzhgorod.ua barchij@chem.univ.uzhgorod.ua

The thallium chalcogenides and halogenides, complex compounds Tl6Si4, Tl6SeI4, and alloys which formed on the base of them in the Tl6SeI4-TlI-Tl6Si4 ternary system were obtained and investigated by DTA, X-ray diffraction methods. The space phase diagrame, liquidus surface proection of this ternary system was plotted on the base of experimental and literature data, the monovariantic line (L=a+b) of phase equilibratiins were calculated by the simplex "mobile" triangles method.

Full text (on original language) .pdf (380kb)

V.M. Boychuk

Own atomic defects of crystalline structure and physical-chemical properties of PbTe-GaTe solid solution

Physical-Chemical Institute at the 'Vasyl Stefanyk' Prekarpathian University,
57, Shevchenko Str., Ivano-Frankivsk, 76000, Ukraine

Crystall-quasichemical reaction of own atomic defects formation on lead tellurides at the solid solution PbTe-GaTe formation are proposed. It is obtain, that the gallium donor is explained by two mechanisms: up to 0,5 mol. % GaTe the substitution mechanism of lead vacancies by gallium atoms- octahedral space is dominant, at 0,5-5 mol.% GaTe as substitution by Ga1+ ionics of octahedral space are dominant, and Ga3+ implantation on interlattice - tetrahedral space of close packing of Te atoms on PbTe are dominant also.

Full text (on original language) .pdf (334kb)

L.A. Karachevtseva, O.O. Lytvynenko, and O.J. Stronska

Influence of Initial Parameters of the Electrochemical Process on Macropore Etching in Silicon

V. Lashkaryov Institute of Semiconductor Physics NAS of Ukraine,
45 Nauki Prsp., Kyiv, 03028, Ukraine (8-044)265-98-15, E-mail: lakar@isp.kiev.ua

There were investigated process of macropore formation in silicon at the stationary illumination and the constant current density during electrochemical process on the dependence of the initial bias on silicon anode U0. Stable macropore formation is beginning at bias Uc corresponding to the critical hole concentration c at boundary "silicon-electrolyte". Process of the macropore formation is unstable at U0>Uc.

Full text (on original language) .pdf (485kb)

.P. Olijnyk1, V.M. Koval1, V.M. Dnprenko2

The Material's Texture Influence on the Pipeline's Stress-Strained State Estimation

1Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas,
76019, Karpatska Str., 15, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine, tel.4-80-00, E-mail: duol@il.if.ua
2Institute of the Physics of Metal NAS Ukraine,
Kyiv, Ukraine, E-mail: vdniepr@imp.kiev.ua

The influence of the material's properties anisotropy on the pipeline's stress-strained state is investigated taking to consideration the different kinds of one's texture. The test problems are considered to estimate the value of such influence. The results of stress tensor componnent's calculation are presented and discussed. The summary conclusions are given.

Full text (on original language) .pdf (630kb)

M.M. Bobina, N.V. Ulyanenko, T.V. Loskutova

Influence of Preliminary Magnetic-Abrasive Processing to Properties Coverages of Carbides

National Technical University of Ukraine "PI",
Peremogy Av., 37, Kyiv, 03056, E-mail: ulyasha@zeos.net

In the paper results of researches of influence of preliminary magnetic-abrasive processing on properties diffusion coverings on basis carbides the titanium, niobium and chromium are submitted. Preliminary magnetic-abrasive processing allows to receive qualitative coverings with a smaller on 8-30 % roughness than the ambassador diffusion saturation without activation of a surface, forms a wide transitive zone, accelerates growth of a covering on a basis carbide the titan, and also increases thickness of a phase carbide of chrome in 2 times in a complex covering on a basis carbides niobium and chromium.

Full text (on original language) .pdf (396kb)

Katarzyna Styszko-Grochowiak1, Janusz Golas1, Henryk Jankowski2

Performance of Optoelectronic Monitoring System for Determination of Unburned Carbon in Fly Ash from Pulverised Coal Fired Power Station Boiler

1Faculty of Mining Surveying and Environmental EngineeringDepartment of Environmental Sciences,
2Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Automatics, Computer Science and Electronics, University of Mining and Metallurgy,
Al. Mickiewicza 30, 30-059 Cracow, Poland

Selected qualities of coal fly ash produced during the work of a congeneration power plant with a chamber to combust hard coal were defined. The samples were taken using an inspection method in two power plants of Poland. Samples of coal fly ash were examined for their chemical and physical properties. Correlation between laboratory and industrial measurements of the unburned carbon content of ash was discussed. This allowed the assessment of the measurement method of %C through the optic analyzer and the quality of the system of automatic measurement of %C in the power plant.

Full text (on original language) .pdf (495kb)

S.P. Novosyadlyy

Aeroionization of Laminar Flows of Pure Locations of Sub-Micron Technology of Large Integrated Circuits

Vasyl Stefanyk Prekarpathion University,
Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine

In this paper the offered model of raising the purity class in a local workpiece range of silicon laminas aeroionization of laminar airflows, founded on Brown driving and mechanics of the Stokes, electrostatic forces also is rotined, that parts, which one pollute a surface of the chemically treated Si-laminas are charged and the electrostatic potential can reach 10-15 kV. It essentially reduces electrical stability and reliability of structures VLSI.

Full text (on original language) .pdf (330kb)

O.M. Hertsyk, M.O. Kovbuz, B.Ya. Kotur, L.M. Bednarska, Yu.O. Kulyk

Influence Mechanic Loading on Electrochemical Characteristic of Amorphous Alloys Fe--Si-B

Ivan Franko Lviv National University, Kyryla and Mefodiya Str. 6, UA-79005 Lviv, Ukraine, E-mail: o_hertsyk@yahoo.com

Main partial reactions, which carry on an iron-based amorphous alloys surface, as well as a stress effect on electrochemical corrosion parameters have been studied by cyclic voltammetry, potentiometry and diffraction spectrometry and X-ray spectrum probe microanalysis.

Full text (on original language)
.pdf (344kb)

I.V. Maslov

The Analysis of Restrictions on Frequency Modulations of Signals in Optical Electrical Systems of Not- Destroying Control

Ivano-Frankivsk Technical University of Oil and Gas,
76019, Ivan-Frankivsk, 15, Karpatska Str., tel. 4-80-00, E-mail: dim@il.if.ua

Characteristics of different procedures of creation and data transfer in optical electric converters are parsed and their information efficiency is defined.

Full text (on original language) .pdf (430kb)

P.I. Ignatenco1, A.A. Goncharov2, V.V. Petuchov2, D.N. Terpiy1

Research of Morphology and Physics-Mechanical Properties of Films of Borides of Vanadium Obtained by a Method of a not Jet HF-Magnetron Sputtering

1Donetsk National University, Ukraine,
2Donbass State Mechanical Engineering Academy, Ukraine

In the given article the research of influencing of modes of a HF-magnetron sputtering on morphology and physics-mechanical properties of films of borides of vanadium obtained on different substrates is described.

Full text (on original language) .pdf (713kb)

J. Badraghi, A. Banaei

The Technology of Constructing of Cylindrical Photoreceptor

Research Institute of Applied Sciences, (ACECR) Shahid Beheshti University Tehran,
Tehran, Iran, E-mail: badraghi_jd@yahoo.com, banaei5@yahoo.com

A Photoreceptor is the main element for electrostatic image formation in xerographic machines, which is usually a cylinder with three layers. By considering the result of theoretical studies (Solving the Laplace equation, for Fourier transform of potential) a three-layered photoreceptor with conductive layer Al, photoconductive layer Se and intermediate layer Al2O3 was designed and made. The deposition of Al and formation of Al2O3 were carried out at 510-5-10-6 mbar pressure. Coating of high purity Se was carried out under 210-7 mbar pressure, 220 C boat temperature, and 105 C substrate temperature in 110 min. After electrostatic measurements, the function of the sample was tested by mounting it in a Xerox machine with successful results.

Full text (on original language) .pdf (486kb)