PCSS, V.2, №1, 2001



Intercalation: achievements, problems, outlook

Institute of Material Provlems NAS Ukraine, Lviv Department,
Paton str., 1, Lviv, 79000, Ukraine

The both, the experimental data in the field of an intercalation and the physical and chemical properties of the "host-visitor" complexes, received with its help, are analyzed and generalized.

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M. Gun’ko1, I. F. Mironyuk1, E. F. Voronin1, E. M. Pakhlov1, R. Leboda2

Сontrol structural properties of fumed silicas

1 Institute of Surface Chemistry, 17 General Naumov street, 03164 Kiev, Ukraine and
2Department of Chemical Physics, Maria Curie-Skladowska University, 20031 Lublin, Poland

The structural characteristics of fumed silicas synthesised under varied conditions and standard fumed silicas subjected to different types of pre-treatment, such as heating, suspending-ball-milling-drying, ball milling of dry powder, and immobilisation of polymers, were studied using adsorption-desorption methods. Variation of preparation conditions and applied treatments influence the structured of finished samples of respect to both micropores and mesopores in primary particle swarms (aggregates, agglomerates) dependent on the treatment time nonlinearly. However, pretreatments change of mesopores parameters of final adsorbents to a greater extent than those of micropores due to significant rearrangement of the primary particle swarms and channels in them. Application of the regularisation procedure to compute of pore size distributions using overall adsorption equation based on the combination of the Kelvin equation and the statistical adsorbed film thickness allows as to study the dependents of the structural characteristics of fumed silicas on treatment conditions in more detail comparing with standard methods.

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L.I.Fenenko1, M. Kuzma2, L.P.Pochekaylova1, P.S. Smertenko1, G.A.Sukach1, S.V. Svechnikov1

Peculiarities of transport mechanism of stretched polyaniline
in temperature range from 100 K to 350 K

1 Institute of Semiconductors Physics, NASU, prospekt Nauki, 45, 03028 Kyiv, Ukraine
2 Institute of Physics, Higher Pedagogical School, Rejtana, 16a, 35-309 Rzeszow, Poland

I-V and s -T characteristics and conductivity versus applied shift dependences of In-PANI-In structures with emeraldine was investigated. The temperature characteristics had constant slope in the range from 160 K to 250 K under various voltages. This determined the activation energy of about 0.23 eV. The behaviour I~V5/4 was recognized, which can be evidence of the hopping conductivity. The anomalous effect of conductivity enhance with stretch encrease at low voltages is conditioned by the prevalence of increase of cross part of conductivity over decrease of longitudinal one at hopping conductivity.

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I.D.Olekseyuk, O.V.Marchuk, O.V.Parasyuk, V.V.Bozko, V.V.Galyan

Physics and chemical properties of the glass system Cu2Se - HgSe - GeSe2

Lesya Ukrainka Volynj State Universitu,
Voli av., 13, Lutsk, 263009, Ukraine tel.:.(03322) 4-99-72

Is determined the border of glass-originating in 3-quasysystem Cu2Se - HgSe - GeSe2. The optical absorption glass-semiconducting alloys in borders 450< l (nm)< 2500 is investigated.

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J.S.Budjak1, D.M.Freik2, О.Z.Gotra1, L.I.Nykyruy2, L.Y.Mezhylovska2

For the theory of the kinetik phenomenon of the semiconductor crystals

1State University “Lvivska Polytehnika”, 79005, Lviv, Bandera str., 12
Physics-Chemical Institute at the Precarpathian University named by V.Stefanyk, 76025, Ivano-Frankivsk, Shevchenko str., 57

This work is by prolongation of article [1]. Is investigated the influencing value and directions of a magnetic induction vector B on value and symmetry of tensors of the crystals kinetic properties.

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N.V.Gloskovskaya1 V.V.Ilyin2, K.Heinzinger3

Magnesium oxide small clusters in polarization model

11M.M.Bogolyubov Insdtitute of Theoretical Physics NAS Ukraine,
03143 Kyiv, Metrologichna str., 14
б; tel. 266-91-17; e-mail: glos@bigfoot.com
2The Weizmann Institute of Science, 76100, Rehovot, Israel
3Max.-Planck-Institute fuer Chemie (Otto.-Hahn.-Institute), 6500, Mainz, Germany

Structural and energetic characteristics of magnesium oxide small clusters have been studied in the frames of polarization model. Optimized geometrical parameters of considered systems are in good agreement with reported results of quantum-mechanical calculations. Change in magnesium oxide properties under hydroxylation process influence has been examined: interaction with protons results in compression of the system and the opposite effect is observed in the case of OH--groups. Influence of this process becomes weaker with the increase of cluster size.

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Milyan P.M., Semrad E.E.

Phase equilibria in the system HgO-Sb2O3

Uzhgorod National University, Chem. Depart.,
88000, Uzhgorod, Pidgirna Str., 46, tel.: (03122)3-71-63, 3-50-91
E-mail: marszab@chem.univ.uzhgorod.ua

In order to determine the type of chemical interaction, the section HgO-Sb2O3 of the triple Hg-Sb-0 system has been studied. Using X-ray diffraction techniques, the Red-Ox reaction was established in the HgO- Sb2O3 section, and any intermediate compounds were not found.

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1Varshava S.S., 2Krutyak N.R., 2Pashkovsky M. V.

Influence of annealing on the electrophysical properties of Se whiskers

1National University “Lvivska polytechnika”, Electrophysical Department,
Bandery st., 12, 79013, Lviv, Ukraine
2Lviv National University named after I.Franko, Department of Physics,
Dragomanov st., 50, 79005, Lviv, Ukraine

An influence of annealing of Se whiskers on their electrophysical properties was investigated. Thermoprocessing occur at the following conditions: T=100? 1800C, duration t =5 min (up to 60 min). Essential changes of specimen resistivity was observed. The effect results from changes of properties of Ag-Se point contacts as well as a decrease of acceptor concentration. The changes revealed depend on transverse dimensions of the crystals and their interaction with air.

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V. Khijniak, Y. Zaulychny, O. Khijniak, Y. Garmash

Electronic structure and some mechanical properties of diffusion
coverings on a basis ТіС coatings

National technical University of Ukraine “KPI”,
Peremogy av., 37, Kyiv-03056, Ukraine tel: 044 441 14 23,
Institute of Material Problems NAS Ukraine,
Kryzhanivskij str. 3, Kyiv-03142, Ukraine tel: 044 444 33 64.

By the method of soft x-ray spectroscopy was investigated interaction for different zones of ТіС and (Ті, V, Cr)C coatings on Y10A steel. It was shown that the changing of concentration of carbon in ТіС and (Ті, V, Cr)C coatings is in internal and central zones. Decreasing amount of carbon in (Ті, V, Cr)C coating to comparing with ТіС coating influences to narrowing TiLa - strip in zone spd- mixed connections. Ti-Fe-C connections form in central and internal zones of coatings as show TiLa - and СКa - strips. The changing of micro hardness, microbrittleness by the thickness of coatings conforms to level of interaction to different carbide phase zones.

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1M.V.Luchka, 2M.V.Kindrachuk

Protective coating with a gradiet texture on metals and alloys

1I.M.Francevich Institute of Materials Problems NAS Ukraine
Kryzhanivskij str., 3, 03142, Kyiv, tel:. (044) 444-20-55,E-mail
2National Technical Universitu of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnical Institute"
Peremogy av., 37, 02056, Kyiv, tel.: (044) 441 19 64

The distribution of the local stresses in composite coatings loaded by friction forces with transient zone in structure, which has different properties between matrix and each inclusion is studied. The stresses in elementary volume of composite for certain load are dependent on zone properties distributions. The redistributions of stress concentrations in matrix, inclusions and transient zone can be predicted on the date for metals and alloys equilibrium state diagrams taking into account composition and mechanical properties of transient zone.

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B.K. Ostafiychuk, L.I.Nykyruy, V.M.Klanichka, V.M.Shperun

About scattering of charge carriers at the n-PbS crystals

Physics-Chemical Institute at the Vasyl Stefanyk Prekarpathian University
Shevchenko str., 57,Ivano-Frankivsk, 76025, Ukraine

The law of a dispersion and scattering of charge carriers in single crystals n-PbS in a concentration interval 1016-1020 cm - 3 is investigated at temperatures 4,2, 77 and 300. At the compare obtained theoretical results with experimental data is updated the application of the quadratic and nonquadratic Kane laws of a dispersion The estimation of the contribution of a deformation potential of optical phonons in the general scattering is shown.

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Сhemical etching of gaas surface before deposition of ohmic contact metallization

Kyiv, Open Joint-Stock Company “Scientific and production firm ”Saturn”, tel.: (044)478-0681,
E-mail: vlad@jssaturn.kiev.ua

It is presented the experimental results of influence of GaAs surface treatment technology before metal deposition on ohmic contacts parameters. It is studied the effect of a number of etching compositions and etching dynamic on GaAs surface oxidation and carbon contamination. It is shown that presence of both oxide layers and carbon results to increasing of metal-GaAs contact resistivity. The effect of surface treatment technology is more essential on epitaxial structures with low carrier concentration (Nd ~ 1.1017 см-3).

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N.I. Domantsevych

Structure and properties of polymeric inhibited film coats

Lviv Comercial Academy, 79008, Ukraine, Lviv,. Tugan-Baranovsky Str., 10,
Chem and Phys. Depart., tel.: 797-627, E-mail:

The thermometric and thermogravimetric researches of polymeric materials films, the corrosion-preventive retarders are injected into a composition which one are shown. Is exhibited, that the modification of polyolefins by retarders gives in structural changes (propagation of branching and crystalline phase, the formation of small-particles formations), that affirmed by spectral examinations.

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B.P. Yatsyshyn

Peculiarity of low-temperature electrical properties of thin films
Me – Ge, growthing in electrical field

Lviv Comercial Academy, department of the chemistry and physics,
79008, Ukraine, Tugan-Baranovscy str., 10

The temperature dependence of electrical conductivity of granulate thin films Al-Ge were investigate. It is shown, that the occurrence of the changes in transition mechanism of conductivity is governed by the condition of condensation – present or absent of the electrical field. Similar results are also found in amorphous thin films ScFeGe2, condensed in electrical field.

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P.V. Kirsenko1, T.V. Loskutova1, V.F. Loskutov1, M.I.Khoma2

The chemical-physical conditions of niobi-chromizing by corbon steels

1National Thechnical University “Kyiv Polytechnical Institute”, Pobedy Av., 37, Kyiv-56, 01056, Ukraine,
tel: /044/ 441-19-64
2Institute of Surface Chemistry NAS Ukraine, Nauki Av., 31, Kyiv

The chemical-physical condition of deposition for steel's surface of twocomponent coatings by sympathy with niobium and chromium. The possibility of application the theoretical calculation for elaboration of disposition’s ways of multicomponent coatings is shown.

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L. Kozak

Investigation of solidification of liquids

Ivano-Frankivsk State University of the Oil and Gas, Karpatska str., 15, 76025, Ukraine

    This article prezents a conclusion which is based on research of a three-atomic model of a solid. The connclusion is that the formation of a crystal or an amorphous structure under solidification of liquids depends on the character of a geometry potential of the interatomic interaction. At condensation the atoms with the spherically symmetric potential interact in two stages. At the first stage, the atoms interact with their nearest neighbors and form a liquid phase. At the second stage, after sufficient decrease of distance between atoms due to a drop temperature, the atoms interact with distant neighbors. At this second stage crystalization occurs. In the case of shortly acting potential of interatomic interaction a process of solidification occurs without interaction between the distant atoms and the amorphous structure is formed. At asymmetric potential of interatomic interaction, crystalization can occur directly from the gas phase without passing through a liquid phase. It was also shown that the magnitude of internal energy influences on the stability of three atoms model with the spherically symmetric potential of interatomic interaction. A high temperatures, those close to temperature crystalization, the model is stable. At low temperature the model becomes unstable.

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B.M.Ruvinskii1, D.M.Freik1, M.A.Ruvinskii1, M.O.Galuschak2

The formation of a metal phase at the synthesis of lead chalcogenides films
in quasi-equilibrium methods

Physics-Chemical Institute at the Precarpathian university named by V.Stefanyk,
Shevchenko Str., 57, Ivano-Frankivsk, 76025, Ukraine
Ivano-Frankivsk State University of the Oil and Gas, Karpatska str., 15, 76025, Ukraine

The separation of a phase of free lead has been investigated during the growth of lead chalcogenides films in the hot-wall method. The mechanism of the formation of a metal phase under quasi-equilibrium conditions concerned with the compounds dissociation under the evaporation and the accumulation of interstitial atoms of lead within the condensate has been proposed on the basis of the crystallochemical model. The ionic and electron concentrations within precipitated phase corresponding to the metal character of phase have been calculated for PbTe and PbSe films.

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Ya.P. Salij, P.I. Melnyk, O.Ya. Dovgij, M.V. Kalynyuk

Physics-Chemical Institute at the Precarpathian university named by V.Stefanyk,
Shevchenko Str., 57, Ivano-Frankivsk, 76025, Ukraine

The dimentional effects at the polycrystalline films of PbTe

The influence of size grains D to the electrical-physics parameters PbTe thin films both at the temperature range 77-300K and change of D from 20 to 1 m m are research. Decrease of films conductive is under increase contribution from dissipation carriers of current at the border of grains.

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