PCSS, V.4, N3, 2003


Z.D. Kovalyuk, V.B. Orletskyy, O.M. Sydor, V.V. Netyaga

Research electrical and optical behaviour Barriers Shottki In/p-CuInSe2

Institute for Problems of Materials Science, NAS of Ukraine, Chernivtsi branch,
5, I. Vilde Str., Chernivtsi, 58001, Ukraine, E-mail: chimsp@unicom.cv.ua

The Schottky barriers are made by thermal evaporation indium on p-type uInSe2 single crystals. The temperature dependences of current-voltage characteristics and relative quantum efficiencies are discussed; current transport mechanisms of the prepared diodes are interpreted. It is shown that the received surface-barrier structures are perspective as photoconverters of solar radiation.

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Ž.Rutkūnienė, A. Grigonis, A. Rėza1, J.G. Babonas1, A. Jotautis

Formation of Multilayer Structures on the Silicon Surface after Etching in Plasma

Kaunas University of Technology,
50, Studentų, Kaunas, 3031, Lithuania,
1Semiconductor Physics Institute,
11, Goštauto, Vilnius, 2600, Lithuania E-mail: Zivile.Rutkuniene@ktu.lt

Silicon surface was analyzed after radiation by CF4, CF4+H2, CF2Cl2 plasmas in this work. Formation of multilayer structures on the silicon surface during plasma treatment was obtained after ellipsometric measurement. Their optical parameters were changed to 2mm in the depth. Optical response strongly depends on the etching duration in the CF2Cl2 plasma and varying from pure silicon surface to samples having irregular interference image in the dielectric function spectra. Small deflections can be modeling as relatively thin and transparent layers (30-50 nm) formatted as SiO2 or other transparent materials, like CH, SiFx, which optical parameters and e value is close to it. Polymerization on silicon surface is effective in CF4+H2 plasma and became more intensive when H2 concentration increases. Four-layer structure formatted on the surface when silicon is treated in CF4+20%H2 plasma. Fluorinated and hydrogenated carbon is predominant in the first layer. Refractive index and thickness of this layer intensively varied while CFx and C-CFx bounds predominate. Si-Fx and Si-C bounds dominated in the second deeper layer. The third layer is silicon damaged by ion bombardment. Its refractive index equals 4.63.
Keywords: plasma etching, ellipsometry, chemical composition.

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G.S. Bajtzar, O.G. Mikolajchuk, B.P. Yatsyshyn1

The Structure and the Conductivity of Thin Films REM-Me-SC by Electron Bombardment and Gamma Rays

Lviv Ivan Franko National University, Physical Department,
1, Universytetska Str., Lviv, 79005, Ukraine
1Lviv Commerce Academy, Physics and Chemistry Dept.,
10, Tugan-Baranovsky Str.,Lviv, 79008, Ukraine,
phone 797-627, E-mail: ecofizbo@ lac.lviv.ua

The changes of structure and conductivity amorphous and crystallized thin films of rare-earth metal (RE: Sc, Y) - transition metal (T: Fe, Co, Ni) - semiconductor (SC: Ge) at an electron irradiation with energy 75 keV with a doze up to 1020 -/2 and g-irradiation by a doze up to 2103Ga are inverstigated. The change of ranges of thermal stability thin films is caused by infringements of the near order of accommodation of atoms in amorphous alloys and increase of high vacancy concentration in heavily damaged regions of crystallized thin films.

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B. Andriyevsky, A. Patryn

Electric Conductivity of Nd:KGd(WO4)2 Crystals at Direct and Alternating Current

Faculty of Electronics, Technical University of Koszalin,
17, Partyzantów Str., Koszalin, PL-75-411, Poland

Measurements of the electric conductivity at direct and alternating current and the thermally stimulated depolarization current (TSDC) have been carried out for Nd doped KGd(WO4)2 crystal in the range of 250-400 K. Small maximum-like anomaly of TSDC spectrum at 330 K characterizing by the activation energy 1,68 eV can be associated with the structural defects associated with doped Nd3+ ions. Reversible character of the small anomaly on the temperature dependence of dielectric permittivity e(T) at 330 K shows also that the weak structure transformation takes place in the crystal.
Keywords: Nd:KGd(WO4)2 crystal; direct and alternating current conductivity; thermally stimulated depolarization current.

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V.P. Makhniy, M.D. Raransky, A.M. Slyotov, I.V.Tkachenko

The Influence of the Impurity Defects Type on the Structural Properties of the Zinc Selenium Layers

Yriy Fedkovych Chernivtsy National University,
2, Kotsubynskyy Str., Chernivtsy, 58012, Ukraine,
tel.: (03722) 44221, E-mail: oe-dpt@chnu.cv.ua

Structural and luminescentional properties of the layers, which obtained by thermo diffusion of the isovalent impurities Mg and Te in the host zinc selenium monocrystals, is investigated. The model of the defects emerges, which adequate explained the obtained data, is offered.

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R.Ja. Mykhajljonka, V.M. Klanichka, V.M. Shperun, V.I. Potyak

Thermal-Electrical Properties and Defect Subsystem of Lead Telluride Caesium Iodide Solid Solution

Physical-Chemical Institute of the Vasyl Stefanyk Prekarpathian University,
57, Shevchenko Str., Ivano-Frankivsk, 76000, Ukraine, E- mail: freik@pu.if.ua

Dependence of specific conductivity (s), coefficient termo-e.m.f. (a), coefficient of heat conductivity (k), specific thermo-electric power (a2s), thermo-electric quality (Ioffes factor) (Z) and dimensionless thermo-electric quality (ZT) of solid solution PbTe-CsI from composition is explored. The compositions, that are characterized by the optimum values of thermo-electric parameters, are definite. The crystall-quasichemical description of defect subsystem of basic matrix of solid solution is offered.

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B.K. Kotlyarchuk, D.I. Popovych, V.K. Savchuk, A.S. Serednycki

Pulsed Laser Deposition of ZrO2 Thin Films for Application in Microelectronic Devices

Institute for Applied Problems of Mechanics and Mathematics,
3b, Naukova Str,, 79601, Lviv, Ukraine,
Phone: +380 (322) 65-46-52, Fax: +380 (322) 63-70-88, E-mail: vikosav@yahoo.com

The main aim of this research was to explore a relationships between main factors of deposition parameters and thermodynamical conditions, which determine the properties of ZrO2 thin films prepared by reactive pulsed laser deposition (RPLD) on different substrates without the stage of post-deposition annealing. The structural, electrical and optical properties of grown films were investigated as a function of substrate deposition temperature and pressure of background gas atmosphere. On the basis of obtained results we have developed the method of manufacturing of thin films systems for application in microelectronic devices, which have been constructed on the base of ZrO2 films. Besides, the main properties of manufactured systems have been measured.
Keywords: oxide thin film, pulsed laser deposition, oxygen pressure.

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M.A. Ruvinskii1, B.K. Ostafiychuk1, B.M. Ruvinskii2

The Influence of Thickness Fluctuations on Conductivity of a Quantum Semiconducting Wire

1Precarpathian University,
57, Shevchenko Str., Ivano-Frankivsk, 76000, Ukraine
2Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas,
15, Carpatska Str., Ivano-Frankivsk, 76000, Ukraine, E-mail: ruvinsky@il.if.ua

The expressions for a relaxation time, an electron mobility and static conductivity of a quantum semiconducting wire, which are determined by a random field conditioned by Gaussian fluctuations of wire thickness are obtained. The influence of a strong quantizing magnetic field directional along length of a wire is considered. In a nondegenerate case and low temperatures electron mobility un un~T1/2.

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E.P.Kovalchuk1, Z.V.Stasyuk, M.M.Kozak

The Work Function of Polyaniline Thin Films

Lviv Ivan Franko National University,
1Chemistry Department, 8, Kyryla i Mefodia Str.,
Electronic Department, 50, Drahomanov Str., Lviv, 79005, Ukraine; E-mail: stasyuk@wups.lviv.ua

The contact potential and photoelectron emission methods were used to measure the work function of polymer thin films. The films were prepared electrochemically on platinum and palladium substrates. The work function measurements were performed under ultrahigh vacuum condition in evacuated glass chambers.

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I.P. Yaremiy

The X-ray Investigation of Surface Layers of Monocrystalline YIG Implanted by the B+ Ions

Precarpation University,
57, Shevchenko Str., Ivano-Frankivsk, 76000, Ukraine

The crystal structure of boron implanted YIG surface layer changed was investigated. Profiles of implanted layers interplanar distance changed from monotonically descending to nonmonotonic at dose implantation >31014cm-2. This result was explained by the domination of different mechanism interplanar distance changes in process of increasing implanted ions dose.

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V.G. Okhrem, .. Ascheulov1, .. Okhrem1

Close-Mouthed Thermal-Electrical Currents and Transverse Thermal-E.M.F. on Electric-Isolation Band- Heterogeneous Environment

Yuri Fedjkovych Chernivtsi National University,
2, Kotsyubynsky Str., Chernivtsi, 58012, Ukraine E-mail: oe-dpt@chnu.com.ua
1Institute of Thermal-Electricity NAS and MES of Ukraine,
p/b 86, Post, Chernivtsi, 58002, Ukraine

The distributions of temperature and electric potential on band- heterogeneous environment with close-mouthed thermal-electrical currents are calculated. The expression for the transverse thermal-e.m.f. is found.

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I.I. Grigorchak

To a Problem on the Nature and Mechanisms of Intercalation Process

National University Lvivska Politechnika,
12, Bandery Str., Lviv, Ukraine

The approach to the description of intercalation process from stands of the generalized theory to mass carry is offered. The specific features, which one distinguish intercalation from similar phenomena is marked. The nature of change of diffuse resistance and resistance to stage of a charge transferring at an interstition of lithium and magnesium cations into indium and gallium halcogens are determined by the method of impedance spectroscopy. For the same hosts - materials phenomena of delay began entering KNO2 and NaNO2 and stage reduction of the last at a thermally exposition way of realization of process are detected.

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I.I. Grigorchak

Influencing Intercalation by a Molecular Fluorine and by Hydrogen on Properties to Laminated Talcum

National University Lvivska Politechnika,
12, Bandery Str., Lviv, Ukraine

The talc intercalated compounds with hydrogen and fluorine is obtained. Is established, that the inundation increases electrical conductivity of basic material, and the fluorization lowers it. The areas of an abnormal dispersion in intervals of frequencies 20-40 Hz for all investigated samples and in 2-8 MHz only for talc, intercalated by hydrogen are detected. The Cole Coles diagrams are plotted and the character of relaxation processes is clarified.

Full text (on original language) .pdf (266kb)

.. Chernenko, .V. Chasovskyy, Yu.S. Tarasenko

Structural Properties of Films of Oxides of Tin and Zincum

Dnipropetrovsk National University,
13, Naukova Str., Dnipropetrovsk, 49050, Ukraine

A SnO, SnO2, ZnO films were gained by a jet magnetron sputtering. Structure and preferred orienteation of obtained films determined by the X-rays analysis in Co a radiation on instalation DRON-2.0.

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A.R. Chelyadinskiia, V.Yu. Yavida, S.N. Jakubenjaa, P. Zukowskib

Nitrogen as Annihilation Centre for Point Defects in Implanted Silicon

aByelorussian State University, Department of Semiconductors Physics,
4, pr. F. Skarina, 220050, Minsk, Belarus
bLublin Technical University, Electrical Engineering Faculty, Poland

The accumulation of radiation defects in silicon implanted with 150 keV N+ ions at high ion current density (20 A cm-2) and low density (0,05 A c-2) was investigated by means of X-ray double-crystal spectrometer and EPR method. At high ion current density the radiation defects accumulate up to amorphization at the ion dose of 11015cm-2. At low ion current density the curve of lattice parameter change on dose has oscillatory view and amorphization of the layer is not achieved at least up to ion dose of 1,41016cm-2. The processes of the nitrogen atoms capture on the vacancy defects and Watkins displacement of them from the nodes work as additional channel of radiation defect annihilation. At high ion current densities and at high level of ionization in the implanted layer process of Watkins substitution is suppressed.
Keywords: silicon, ion implantation, radiation defects, defect annihilation, nitrogen.

Full text (on original language) .pdf (298kb)

P.G. Litovchenko1, V.P. Tartachnyk1, V.Ya. Opilat1, S. Kanevsky1, I.V. Petrenko1, O.P. Shahov2, R.K. Savkina3, A.B. Smirnov3, S.I. Krukovsky4

Degradation of g-Ray Irradiated AlxGa1-xAs/GaAs Heterostructures

1Scientific Center Institute for Nuclear Research of NASU,
47, Nauky Av., Kyiv, 03028, Ukraine
2Institute of Physics of NASU, 42, Nauky Av., Kyiv, 03028, Ukraine,
3Institute of Semiconductor Physics of NASU,
45, Nauky Av., Kyiv, 03028, Ukraine,
4Carat Scientific Prod. Ass., Lviv, 79031, Ukraine E-mail: tenet@alfa.semicond.kiev.ua

Using the electroluminescence technique we have investigated the radiation hardness of the red light-emitting n+-n-p-AlxGa1-xAs diodes. As-grown samples were g-ray irradiated by Co60 at room temperature. Degradation-relaxation processes was analyzed. It was determined that the luminescence degradation is connected with the creation of stable complexes of point defects in As sublattice. Preliminary conclusions about mechanism of long-time relaxation phenomenon stimulated by g-irradiation are formulated.

Full text (on original language) .pdf (343kb)

B.P. Bahmatyuk1, R.V. Ilnytskyy2, V.I. Mandzyuk2, I.F. Myronyuk2, B.K. Ostafiychuk2

The Thermodynamic Regularities and Kinetic of Lithium Electrochemical Interstition into Zeolite Structures

1National University Lvivska Politechnika,
12, S. Bandera Str., Lviv, 79000, Ukraine
2Precarpathian University named after V. Stefanyk,
57, Shevchenko Str., Ivano-Frankivsk, 76025, Ukraine

The both experimental results of the lithium intercalational processes into zeolite structures and its interpretation on the basis of the modern electrochemical ideas are given in the work. The analysis of the discharge characteristics of samples and the perspective of its use as cathodes for electrochemical power sources are carried out.

Full text (on original language) .pdf (500kb)

A.A. Druzhinin, I.P. Ostrovskii, N.S. Liakh

Magnitoresistance Ge-Si Whiskers

National University Lvivska politechnika, Sci.-Research Center Crystal,
1, Kotlyarevsky Str., Lviv, 79013,Ukraine, Phone: 38 0322 721632, E-mail: druzh@polynet.lviv.ua

Magnetoresistance as well as temperature and strain influence on the magnitude of negative magnetoresistance (NMR) of p-GexSi1-x (=0.01-0.05) whiskers doped with boron to concentrations closed to metal insulator transition in magnetic fields 0-14 T were investigated. Magnetoresistance was shown to depend on doping level and strain of the whiskers at low temperatures and can be explained by Altshulers theory. NMR was observed in weak magnetic field at temperature range 7-10 K. It appears due to conduction on delocalized states of the Upper Habbard Band.

Full text (on original language) .pdf (456kb)

Oleksandr Malik, Volodymyr Grimalsky

Modeling of physical properties and experimental results for virtual p-i-n diode based on metal-insulator-silicon structure

National Institute for Astrophysics, Optics and Electronics (INAOE), Electronics Department,
P. O. 51 and 216, Puebla, ZP 72000, Pue., Mexico,
Tel/Fax +52-222-247 05 17; E-mail: amalik@inaoep.mx

A study of the physical processes in metal-insulator-semiconductor (MIS) capacitors gives a new way of using this familiar device as a high-sensitive optical sensor with giant internal amplification of an input signal. New CMOS optical sensors with a metal insulator semiconductor structure are developed and investigated both theoretically and experimentally. The physical properties of these sensors are described with a model of MIS capacitor where a presence of depletion layer of electrons, an inversion layer of holes of a finite depth, and possible change of properties of n- semiconductor layer are taken into account. Two-level voltage bias provides a transient between two quasi-equilibrium inversion modes. This transient is applied both for storage and for readout of the input optical signal for quantitative measurements of a weak infra red radiation. Proposed simple readout procedure provides reading the integrated information with a significant amplification. At the readout stage, a resistance of the n- semiconductor layer changes drastically, and the MIS structure behaves as a virtual p-i-n - diode with double injection of carriers into the n- layer. An amplification (or the current transformation coefficient) is determined by the ratio of integration and readout times and it is about 104105 at great external loads (>10 kw) and reaches the value of 106 at small loads (~100 w). A theoretical model explains a behavior of the sensor under storage by thermo generated carriers and by photo generated ones jointly. Numerical simulations are of a good agreement with experimental investigations of proposed sensors.
Keywords: diode, metal-insulator-silicon structure, sensors.

Full text (on original language) .pdf (293kb)

V.A. Andryushchenko, L.V. Bekenov, V.N. Antonov

Structure and Electronic Properties of K-Phase

Institute of Metal Physics by G.V. Kurdyumov National Academy of Science of Ukraine,
36, blvd. Acad. Vernadsky, 03680, GSP, Kyiv-142, Ukraine

The crystal structure of antiperovskite compound Fe4-AlC of nonstochiometric composition has been simulated taking into consideration the possibility of substitution the carbon atoms in the octahedral pores by vacancies and the aluminum atoms in the vertexes of parallelepiped by iron atoms. The electronic structure has been calculated and the magnetic properties of simulated antiperovskites, which are close to the real antiperovskite crystals according to structure, have been analyzed.

Full text (on original language) .pdf (706kb)

.V. Kalytchuk

Heterogeneity of Chemical Composition and Electrical Parameters on Lead Sulphide Thin Films with Oxygen

Physical-Chemical Institute of the Vasyl Stefanyk Prekarpathian University,
57, Shevchenko Str., Ivano-Frankivsk, 76000, Ukraine, E-mail: freik@pu.if.ua

The chemical composition of films and his distributing by thickness at self-control of tapes on air is explored. Kinetics and types of effective and local values of the n-type thin films electric parameters is trained. The models of physical and chemical processes of interaction of films with oxygen are offered, that the got experimental results are explained.

Full text (on original language) .pdf (292kb)

.. Yatsura

Amphoteric Behaviour of Bismuth on Doping PbSe<Se>:Bi Films

Vasyl Stefanyk Prekarpathian University, Physical Faculty, Solid State Physic Department,
201, Galytska Str., Ivano-Frankivsk, 76000, Ukraine

The defects formation mechanisms on alloyed by bismuth and the saturated by selenium epitaxial films of lead selenidium, grown from a steam phase are offered. The amphoteric behaviour of bismuth is confirmed donor character in cation sublattice BiPb+ and acceptor action in anion sublattice BiSe-. The both the constants of equilibrium and enthalpy of formation of defects are definite.

Full text (on original language) .pdf (278kb)

L.Y. Mezhylovska, A.M. Dmytriv, M.V. Lopjanko

Impurity-Defect Subsystem of Blende Structure onCadmium Telluride Crystals, Doped by Chlorine

Physical-Chemical Institute at the Vasyl Stefanyk Prekarpathion University,
57, Shevchenko Str., Ivano-Frankivsk, 76000, Ukraine

The method of crystalquasichemistry is investigates possible variants of accommodation of dot defects in crystals CdTe:Cl under their disappeared in pairs cadmium and tellurium. Is shown, that with disappeared p-CdTe:Cl in pairs cadmium receive a material with electronic conductivity as behind the mechanism of entry cadmium at vacancies cadmium, and rooting in emptiness understructure tellurium. Has disappeared p-CdTe:Cl in pairs tellurium also gives a material with electronic conductivity, which caused by antistructural defect of replacement TeCd...

Full text (on original language) .pdf (291kb)

L.T. Strutynska, V.Ya. Mikhailovsky

Use of Phase Modifiers for Improvement of Activity of Co-Cr Catalysts in the Process of Oxidation of Gaseous Hydrocarbons

Institute of Thermoelectricity of National Academy of Sciences and Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine
Box 86, General Post Office, Chernivtsi, 58002, Ukraine,
Tel. (03722) 44422, E-mail: anatychuk@ite.cv.ua

In order to improve the activity and work duration of Co-Cr catalysts, they were modified by Sr, Ca, Ba, Fe, Pd ions. The basic function of Sr in mixed Co-Cr spinel is stabilization of active catalyst phase by reducing its restoration rate. Peculiarities of the mechanism of oxide catalysts deactivation under separate reagents delivery are established. The method for hindering the process of oxide catalysts deactivation in diffusion heat sources by periodic movement of oxidation zone in the bulk of the catalyst was determined.

Full text (on original language) .pdf (299kb)

I.M. Smolenskiy

Concept f the Compositional Atmosphere Resistance and Priority Methods of Polymers Photoutilization

Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical Oil and Gas University,
15, Karpatska Str., Ivano-Frankivsk19, 76019, Ukraine E-mail: ismolensky@ifdtung.if.ua

It is the first time when on the basis of the existing oxidation and destructive photoprocesses of the polyamides a multimodule concept of UV-radiation atmosphere resistance was developed, as well as general model of photooxidation degradation (POD) of the polymer materials (PM) with a complex union of all stages of ecologichemical and photophysical processes of POD; withing the context of principals of modern green photochemistry, were suggested priority methods of the directed photoutilization of rigid PM.

Full text (on original language) .pdf (268kb)

V.M. Moroz, .. Schurok, .G. ykolaychuk, .V. Byalyk, V.F. rlenk, D.. leksyn, .. oroz

System Ag-Sn-Se. The Peculiarities of Structure - Space

Ukrainian State University of Water Economy nd Nature Management,
11, Soborna Str., Rivn, 33000, Ukraine, -mail:Solidus@rstu.rv.ua

The - space of system Ag-Sn-Se is described in part Ag-Sn-SnSe-Ag8SnSe6-Ag2Se-Ag, which is constructed by results of the experimental research of alloys by methods of the chemical-physical analysis. The change of the way of division of the system into subsystems takes place in subsolidus site of space, in part Ag-z-phase-SnSe-Ag8SnSe6-Ag2Se, at ~ 824 K as a result of a course of inverse chemical reaction of replacement.

Full text (on original language) .pdf (259kb)

D.M. Freik, V.M. Boychuk, G.D. Mateik

Physical-Chemical Properties and Atomic Defects on Lead Telluride Crystals, Doped by Thallium

Vasyl Stefanyk Prekarpathian University,
57, Shevchenko Str., Ivano-Frankivsk, 76000, Ukraine

On the basis of analysis of composition-properties dependence in the system PbTe-Tl are offered the possible crystal-quasichemical mechanisms of defects formation: filling by thallium of tellurium vacancies (anti-structural defects); inculcation the thallium; formation of vacancy of tellurium interlattice atom of thallium complex.

Full text (on original language) .pdf (315kb)

V.M. Tomashik*, O.S. Chernyuk, V.I. Grytsiv, Z.F. Tomashik, N.V. Kusyak

Solubility of GaSb in the Solutions of the H2O2-HCl-CH3COOH System

I. Franko Zhytomyr Pedagogical University,
40, V. Berdychivska Str., Zhytomyr; E-mail: chernuk@ukr.net
*V.E. Lashkarev Institute of Semiconductor Physics of NASU,
45, Nauky Av., Kyiv-28, 03028, Ukraine; E-mail: tomashyk@isp.kiev.ua

The surface of equal etching rate (Gibbs diagram) was constructed and the mechanism of chemical interaction of GaSb with the solutions of the H2O2-HCl-CH3COOH system was investigated. It was shown that chlorine and possibly chlorine-containing compounds, forming at the interaction of etchant components, are the main oxidizing agents. It was established that GaSb dissolution in such solutions are determined by the antimony compound, forming at the interaction. It is necessary indicate that the chemical oxidizing dissolutions as well as the electrochemical dissolution take place simultaneously. The solutions of the H2O2-HCl-CH3COOH system can be used as a base for the preparing of polishing etching compositions with small rate of GaSb dissolution.

Full text (on original language) .pdf (267kb)

D.. Freik, V.V. Prokopiv, U.. Pysklynetsj

Atomic Defects and Their Compensation on Pure and Doped Cadmium Telluride

Physical-Chemical Institute at the Vasyl Stefanyk Prekarpathian University
57, Shevchenko Str., Ivano-Frankivsk, 76000, Ukraine

On the basis of analysis of the quasi-chemical reactions, and on the offered method of determination of compensation coefficients are definitely prevailing atomic defects in CdTe, CdTe:In, and CdTe:Cl crystals at annealing in a wide range of cadmium vapour 1-105Pa.

Full text (on original language) .pdf (426kb)

V. Nadtochy, M. Golodenko, A. Kalimbet, D. Moskal

Structure Changes Caused by the Laser Pulse in Ge Subsurface Layer

Slovyansk State Pedagogical University,
19, Batyuk Str., Slovyansk, 84116, Ukraine, E-mail: slavgpi@slav.dn.ua

The influence of the 40 ns laser pulse with energy 650 mJ on the surface (112) of Ge single crystal was investigated. Heat-conduction equation for stated conditions of irradiation was salved by the numerical method with using of indirect scheme. In accordance with calculations the back front of the laser impulse is cut away owing to absorption in vapor. Short dislocation loops caused by the big jet pressure (~1 GPa) and high temperature were observed in the centre of the laser spot on the depth of a few mm.

Full text (on original language) .pdf (555kb)

E. Vasilyeva, V. Vystavkina

Microstructure and properties of Cu-doped Nd-Fe-B-C ingot magnets

Zaporozhye State University,
66, Zukovskiy Str., Zaporozhye, 69063, Ukraine,
phone: 061-644-546, E-mail: vvv@zsu.zp.ua

The heart treatment influence on microstructure and magnetic properties of Fe68Cu2Nd20C9.5B0.5 cast alloy has been investigated. For Fe68Cu2Nd20C9.5B0.5 and Fe70Nd20C9.5B0.5 alloys preparation constituent elements were induction melted under argon atmosphere. Magnetic measurements were carried out on sintered samples. The effect of the Cu addition and annealing treatment on the microstructures and their mechanism of improving the hard magnetic properties of these alloys was investigated. Metallography studies showed that after annealing at 950oC for 1 hour the dispersed inclusion are appeared in the center of the main magnetic phase grains. After annealing at 1050oC the abnormal grain growth occurred. The values of coercivity were found to increase sharply with increasing annealing temperature up to 950oC and than decreased slightly. Thus it seems the microstructure is optimal from magnetic properties point of view after isothermal annealing during one hour at 950oC. It was found that coercivity of magnets produced from alloy with Cu addition is considerably higher than Hc values for magnets without Cu addition. Thus the Cu addition to Nd-Fe-B materials appears to be a promising way for highcoercivity magnets preparation.

Full text (on original language) .pdf (568kb)

S.P. Novosyadlyy, R.I. Zapuchlyak

Design-Technological Peculiarities of Submicron Structures Forming of Address Circuits Memory

Vasyl Stefanyk Prekarpathian University, Physical Faculty,
201, Galytska Str., Ivano-Frankivsk, 76000, Ukraine

In this article state circuitry, structure and technology of forming layout of superdense semiconductor randomaccess memory and methods of increasing of its quickness and radiation-insensitive with the use of elements of submicron technology are stated.

Full text (on original language) .pdf (464kb)

Y.G Sukhenko, A.A. Litvinenko, A.I. Nekoz, V.Y. Sukhenko

Cavitational Resistance Of Non-Metal Constructional Materials

Ukrainian State University of food technologies
68, Vladimirskaya Str., Kyiv, 01033, Ukraine

The results of the research of operation of non-metal constructional materials in the conditions of cavitation and erosion wear process of wear are demonstrated. The polymeric and ceramic materials perspective for manufacturing of the units of the engineering equipment set for the surroundings in the hydrodynamic cavitational devices are displayed.

Full text (on original language) .pdf (188kb)

O.M. Doniy, .. ulinich, O.M. Yanov, O.O. Rjabinina

Computer Model Operation of Structure Formation at a Metals rystallization

Full text (on original language) .pdf (486kb)

S. Danilchenko, V. Pokrovskiy, V. Bogatyrov, L.Sukhodub, B. Sulkio-Cllef

Investigation of the Carbonate Location in the Bone Tissue Mineral by X-ray Diffraction and Temperature-programmed Desorption Mass Spectrometry

Full text (on original language) .pdf (486kb)

.. Maslov

The Analysis of Restriction on Used of Frequency Signal Modulation on Optoelectronic Systems of the Destructive Monitoring

Full text (on original language) .pdf (486kb)