< Journal Physics and Chemistry of Solid State (Volume 3, Number 4, English version)

2002   Volume 3   N 4


N.V. Ganina

Physical-Chemical Peculiarity of Isovalence Doping of Semiconductors

M.V. Lomonosov Moskov State Academy of subtle Chemical Technology

This article is a reference review, about basic aspects of state and behavior of isovalence doping (ID) in semiconductors. Difference at behavior of these doping in germanium, silicone and -V semiconductors: sign-various derivation from Rauls law, exist on liquid phase of semiconductor ID order regions, correspond to triple chemical compounds III V ID; availability ID, as doping impurities, as the solvent at grown the epitaxial crystals.
The mechanisms of acting of ID and effects of their display is shown: transformations of homogeneity region of semiconductor compound, redistribution of amphoteric doping to sublattice of III-V compounds, semiconductor cleaning by isovalence doping, change of semiconductor rang of compensation, decrease of concentration of dislocation and deceleration of solid solution semiconductor-impurity decomposition at ID present.

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S. Stepanovskyy, Z. Stasyuk

The Binding Energy of Rare-Earth Elements Adsorbed on the (100) Tungsten Crystal Face

Lviv Ivan Franko National University, Physical Department,
50 Drahomanov St., Lviv, 79005, Ukraine

The contact potential method was used to investigate the binding energy q of Gd, Tb, Dy and Ho atoms adsorbed by W(100) single crystal face in submonolayer adsorbate concentration n. The experiment was performed under ultrahigh vacuum conditions (the pressure of active gas components was less then 510-9Pa). Experimental results were explained on the base ideas about prevail role of exchange interaction in the total binding energy formation. The exchange interaction characteristics were defined by adsorbed atoms electronic structure particularities, separately by the degree of adsorbed rare-earth atom 4f-state filling. It was expected the intermediate valence states of adsorbed atoms could be realized in the investigated systems.

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M.M. Bobina, V.S. Maiboroda, N.V. Ulyanenko, A.B. Bobin

Structure and Properties Surface Layer of Instrument From Steel 65 After Magnetically-Abrasive Treatment

National Technical University of Ukraine KPI"
pr. Peremogy, 36, Kiev, 03056, Ukraine E-mail:

Inquired into influence parameters of magnetically-abrasive treatment on bilding and properties surface layer of instrument from steel 65. Shown, that by basic factors influencing on structure, microhardness strengthened to layer, surface roughness is speed and time of treatment, fraction of powder, whereof a magnetically-abrasive instrument forms. Rendered change of microhardness surface layer after magnetically-abrasive treatment and strengthening instability in time.

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Z.D. Kovalyuk, V.B. Boledzyuk and M.M. Pyrlya

Properties of Indium Monoselenide Intercalated With Iodine

Frantsevych Institute of Materials Science Problems, Chernivtsi Branch,
I.Vilde str., 5, Chernivtsi, 58001, Ukraine, E-mail:

We have investigated electrical, optical and electrochemical properties of layered single crystals of InSe intercalated with iodine ions. By the method of micro-probe analysis it is found thet the ingertion of iodine in near-surface ranges is more intensive thet into the internal bulk of the investigated samples. It is established thet intercalation of indium selenide with iodine leads to the shift of the energy location of the exitonic maximum to the high-energy range by abaut of 9 meV and to the increase of the half-width of the exitonic absorption band by 3 meV. The model of the formation of spatial chains of the intercalated in layered crystals is confirmed.

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D.M. Freik1, L.P. Pavlyuk2, M.I. Beley3, G.D. Mateik1, A.M. Yatsura1

Equilibrium Constants and Entalphy of defect formation on both telluride and selenide of lead crystals doped by thallium and indium

1Vasyl Stefanyk Prekarpathian University
Shevchenko str., 57, Ivano-Frankivsk, 76000, Ukraine
2Ivano-Frankivsk National University of Oil and Gas,
3Kolomiya Institute of Menegment of the Earth Resources

Is propose the model of defect subsystem on PbTe and PbSe crystals rich by lead and doped by acceptor impurity of (Tl), and PbTe also, rich tellurium and doped by donor impurity of (In). Equilibrium Constants and Entalphy of defect formation is determined. The expression, that define concentration dependence of carriers current and defect from surplus, as own components (Pb, Te), and impurities elements (Tl, In) too.

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V.V. Bozhko, M.I. Rospopa

Features of an Edge of an Optical Absorption in Glasses of Systems ASe-Se2-Ga2Se3 (A-Zn,Cd,Hg X-Ge,Sn)

Volyn State University,
13,Voli Av., Lutsk, 43025, Ukraine, tel. 4-92-21, 4-91-57, E-mail:

Explored optical absorption of glass system ASe-Se2-Ga2Se3 (A-Zn,Cd,Hg X-Ge,Sn) in the interval of temperatures = 77-400 K in spectral area 1-2,5 V. For the calculation of experimental dependencies is used modified Urbachs rule. The optical breadth of a forbidden region, parameter of a static disarray, temperature coefficient of a breadth of a forbidden region b and effective energy of phonons is designed. Conducted correlation between results of the experiment and the composition of glass.

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O.Kopayev, B.Ostafiychuk, M.Bakuma, I.Gasyuk

Examination of structure of nickel - zinc ferrites obtained by a method of a doping by the basic component

Vasyl Stefanyk Prekarpathian University,
Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine

An X-ray diffraction and Mössbauer spectroscopic study crystalline and magnetic structure of nickel - zinc ferrites obtained on ceramic technology, improved by usage doping by the basic component - oxide of zinc. For the first time is shown, that the method doping by the basic component allows to increase uniformity of texture and by that to increase magnetic parameters of ferrites. The designed model of magnetic structure of ferrites allows on quantity of an effective magnetic field to spot concentration of nonmagnetic atoms. The obtained values of chemical detrusions indicate increase of concentration of cationic vacancies in an octahedral sublattice at a deficit of ions of zinc in a composition of ferrite.

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V.O. Drozd, I.L. Baginskiy, S.A. Nedilko, V.S. Melnikov*

Speciality of structure and oxygen non-stehiometry of solid solution Sm1+xBa2-xCu3Oy

Taras Shevchenko Kyiv University,
01032, Kyiv, 64, Volodymyrska Str., (044) 221-02-06, E-mail:
*Institute of Geo-chemical mineralogy and ore-formation of NAS Ukraine
Kyiv-142, 345, Palladina Str., (044) 444-05-70

The series of solid solutions Ln1+xBa2-xCu3Oy ( Ln=Sm, Eu; =0-0,7) has been obtained by sol-gel method. Lattice parameters and oxygen content as a functions of composition (x) and temperature have been studied by X-ray diffraction analysis and iodometric titration, respectively. The character of oxygen content dependence on substitution ratio x was found to be non-monotone for Sm1+xBa2 xCu3Oy solid solutions within 0<<0,3. Investigation of lattice parameters and oxygen content dependence on temperature has shown the increase of oxygen sublattice termal stability increases with x growth.

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B.. Tataryn, .D. lekseyuk

Phase Diagram of System Cu2Te-Ga2Te3

Lesi Ukrainky Volynj State University, dept. general and unorganic chemistry
13, Voli Av., Lutsk, 43025, Ukraine, tel. (03322) 4-10-07, 4-99-72, E-mail:

Phase equilibria in the Cu2Te-Ga2Te3 system were investigated using differential thermal analysis, metallography and X-ray diffraction. The existence of the ternary phase CuGaTe2 was confirmed. Considerable solid solution range of initial components and the ternary phase were determined. Structure, lattice parameters and their change with composition of the solid solutions were determined.

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N.M. Bilyavina2, V.F. Zinchenko1, N.P. Efryushina1, N.A. Chiviryova1, V.Ya. Markiv2, V.P. Antonovich1, O.V. Mozkova3, O.V. Stamikosto1

Conditions of Formation and Crystal Structure of Sulfofluorides Ln3S2F4 (Ln = Y, Nd, Sm, Gd, Dy, Tm) in the Products of Synthesis of FFM LnSF

1O.V. Bogatsky Physico-Chemical Institute of NAS of Ukraine,
86, Lyustdorfska doroga, Odesa, 65080, tel.0482-61-82-25, E-mail:
2Taras Shevchenko National University, 60, Volodymyrska Str., Kyiv, 01003,
3Central Desian Office "Arsensal",
8, Moskovska Str., Kyiv, 01010, tel 044-254-59-08, E-mail:

In process of the solid-phase synthesis of the RE sulfofluorides in some products by X-ray phase analysis formation of additional phases has been revealed; their contents varies from admixtures (in the case of Y, Nd, Gd, Dy, Sm compounds) up to a prevailing phase (Tm compound). At synthesis in salt melt NaCl-KCl the contents of such phases essentially grows. The belonging of crystal structure of the specified phases to a type of Yb3S2F4 mixed valent compound of Yb (II, III) is established. The correlation between ability to formation of similar phases and propensity to different valence states for rare earth metals is revealed. X-ray diffraction spectrum is calculated and structure of Tm3S2F4 is simulated. The chemical analysis has confirmed an essential deviation from stoicheometry of the composition of products synthesized in salt melts. The process of vacuum evaporation is confirmed by X-ray phase analysis and chemical analysis of the refuses and coatings to be incongruent. The coatings consists mainly from fluorides such as LnF3 and significant part of amorphous phase, which promotes improvement of their optical properties.

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V.M. Klanichka, L.I. Nykyruy, V.M. Shperun, V.V. Nyzhnykevych*, V.F. Pasichnyak

Influence of Current Scattering on Thermal-Electricity Properties of Lead Selenide of the n-type of Conductivity

Physial-Chemical Institute at the Vasyl Stefanyk Prekarpathian University
Shevchenko str., 57, Ivano-Frankivsk, 76000, Ukraine
*Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas,
Karpatska Str., 15, Ivano-Frankivsk, 76000, Ukraine

Concentration dependence of the thermal-e.m.f. a, conductivity s, thermal conductivity k, thermal-electricity power a2s, thermal-electriciry quality Z dimensionless factor of thermal-electriciry quality Z of lead selenide of the n-type of conductivity are research with account of the dominate carrier scattering: screen Coulomb potential of vacancies, short-range potential of vacancies, deformation potential both of acoustic and optic phonons, polar potential of optic phonons, and inter-electron collisions.

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Sh.M. Alekperova, R.G. Akhmed-Zadeh, G.S. Gadjiyeva

Effect of Entrainment of Ions by Electrons and Onset of Electrodiffusion Potential in n-Ag2S and p-Cu1-xAgxS (x-0; 0,4)

Institute of Physics, National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan
H.Javid av.33, 370143, Baku, E-mail:

First, in the course of temperature heating of binary and triple polycrystal silver sulphide (n-Ag2S, p-CuAgS and Cu0,6Ag0,4S-alloy) it was found that for lack of temperature gradient and no other external influence there are the potential difference of the order of some millivolts in the samples and its inversion.
The onset of electrodiffusion potential (EDP) is observed with temperature rise of samples from 300 K at specific range.
The onset the EDP and thereof temperature dependence similar to EDP, stipulated an entrainment of ions by electrons (or alternatively). As the true ionic mobility exponential depends upon the temperature, the temperature dependence effective mobility has unusual nature. The course of the EDP with temperature rise follows from effective mobility course.
For this crystals the necessary condition for the entrainment phenomenon is the existence of metastable substructure between high-and low temperature modifications, plays a role a perturbing factor in its place of external influence. Within a narrow temperature interval the conductivity of samples increases by a factor of 104-105. Just in this temperature range there is the onset the EDP in studded crystals.
Key words: the onset, the electrodiffusion, potential, entrainment.

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D.M. Freik, V.V. Prokopiv, U.M. Pysklynetsj, A.M. Dmytriv

Double Thermodynamics n-p-Junction on Cadmium Telluride Crystals, Doped by Chlorine

Physical-Chemical Institute at the Vasyl Stefanyk Prekarpathian University,
57, Shevchenko Str., Ivano-Frankivsk, 76000, Ukraine

By methods of modeling quasichemical reactions of defect formation on cadmium telluride crystals, doped by chlorine at their high-temperature annealing on pair of components (Cd, Te) the formation of double thermodynamics n-p-junction is describe. Analytics expression for calculated partial pressure of cadmium pair PCd*, which correspond to thermodynamics n-p-junction is receive. The formation of two junction is explain by formation of antistructural defect TeCd. Equilibrium constants of (ClTeVCd) complexes formation and antistructural defects TeCd were define. It is determine the condition of formation material of the n- and -types of conductivity with known carriers concentration.

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A.V. Besov

Metal Alloys for Orthopaedic Stomatology

National Technical University Kyiv Polytechnical Institute
Peremogy Av., 39, 02056, Kyiv, Ukraine, ph. (044) 441-15-46

The basic metal alloys, which are applied in Orthopaedic stomatology is research. The analysis of alloys is carried out which are released on Ukraine. The opportunity of their application in tooth covering with use of a method plasma grown is shown.

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V.M. rz, .. Schurk, D.. lksyn, .V. rz

T-x Space Cu-Sn-SnSe-Cu2SnSe3-Cu2Se-Cu of Systems Cu-Sn-Se

Ukrainian State University of Water Economy nd Nature Management, 11, Soborna St, Rivn, 33000, Ukraine, E-mail:Solidus@rstu.rv.ua

The relation ship of the structure of P-T-x space of complex inorganic systems with the instability of semiconductor phases parameters is considered. The experimentally constructed T-x space of Cu-Sn-Se system is described in part Cu-Sn-SnSe-Cu2SnSe3-Cu2Se-Cu of the concentration triangle.
Key words: system, diagram, semiconductors, parameters, stability metals.

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L.O. Kapelyukh1, P.V. Datsco2

Thin-Layer Carbon-Chrome Covers on Steels

1Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas,
Karpatska Str., 15, Ivano-Frankivsk, 76000, Ukraine
2Vasyl Stefanyk Prekarpathian University
Shevchenko str., 57, Ivano-Frankivsk, 76000, Ukraine

On the bases of experimental results the possible formation mechanism of carbon-chrome covers on the steel surface is shown. Is present their analytic description.

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O.D. Smiyan

Atomic Mechanism of Interaction of an Environment Material with Deformed Metal

E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute of the NAS of Ukraine
11 Bozhenko Str, Kyiv, 03150, Ukraine, tel/fax: (380 44) 227-23-66

The mechanism and conditions of atom-by-atom splitting of molecules of a deformation environment material into individual components migrating deep into metal are suggested. The process occurs at the "environment-deformed solid" interface due to a new physical phenomenon (atom-by-atom splitting of environment material molecules by dislocation ASED) discovered. The latter is confirmed by direct experimental measurements made by local mass spectrometry using a laser probe and by Auger spectrometry on a number of steels, metals and alloys deformed in environments of a different aggregate state and with a different chemical composition.

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.D. Freik, .. Ruvinskyy

Atomic defects and physical-chemical processes on lead selenide thin films at the pair phase growth

Physial-Chemical Institute at the Vasyl Stefanyk Prekarpathian University
Shevchenko str., 57, Ivano-Frankivsk, 76000, Ukraine, E-mail:

On the crystal-chemical, quasichemical on thermodynamic methods, and from analyses of physical processes the mechanism of influence of atomic defects on electrical properties of thin films, growth from vapour phase is describe.

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G.P.Chuiko, O.V.Dvornik

The Connection Between the Valence Bands Crystal Splitting and the Tetragonal Lattice Distortion for A3IIB2V Compounds

Kherson State Technical University,
Department of Cybernetics, Laboratory of solid state theory,
24, Berislavske shosse, 73008, Kherson, Ukraine, phone: +380-0552-326922, E-mail:

The functional dependence of crystal field parameter d on the lattice tetragonal distortion has been investigated within limits of generalized Kildal theory for polymorphous of A3IIB2V compounds with center of symmetry. It is shown, that the dependence of band structure on such distortion is both, direct and indirect, for these materials simultaneously. The influence of the sign and value of parameter d on the valence bands crystal splitting is discussed for A3IIB2V compounds. The theoretical calculations are illustrated for the case of cadmium arsenide Cd3As2 with inverted band structure (eg<0).

Full text (on original language) .pdf (281kb)

B.K. Ostafiychuk, V.D. Fedoriv, L.S. Yablon, I.P. Yaremiy, B.I. Yavorskiy

Doses dependents of relative deformations degree for La, Ga-substituted ferrit-garnet films

Vasyl Stefanyk Prekarpathian University

The investigations structure of implanted layers of the Ga, La-substituted ferrit-garnet films implanted by F+ ions with energy 90 keV and doses 11013-21014cm-2. The relative deformation modification on implanted layer thickness at different implantation doses. The mechanism of defect structure formation are proposed. Dependents between implantation doses and relative deformation of crystal structure are obtained.

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.pdf (332kb)

L.Y. Mezhylovska, V.. Boychuk, V.V. Boryk

Atomic defects and physical-chemical properties of solid solution PbTe-Ga2Te3

Physial-Chemical Institute at the Vasyl Stefanyk Prekarpathian University
Shevchenko str., 57, Ivano-Frankivsk, 76000, Ukraine

Crystal-Quasichemical reactions of own atomic defects formation on lead telluride with solid solution formation PbTe-Ga2Te3 is proposed.

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.pdf (256kb)

Ashceulov .A., Okhrem V.G., Okhrem Ye.A.

Efficienthy of Thermoelement with Side Heat Exchange

Institute of Thermal-Electricity,
P/b 86, Main-Post-Office, Chernivtsy, 58002,
Chernivtsy National University,
2, Kotsubynsky Str., Chernivtsy, 58012

A theory of load thermoelement with side heat exchange has been developed. The temperature distribution and thermoelement efficienthy has been calculated, obtained results have been analised.

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.pdf (262kb)

.. Vashkevych

The Assaying of Abnormal Rejections of Values of Diffusivities at Chemical and Heat Treatment of Metals

Prekarpathian university named after V.Stefanik,
57 Shevchenko St, Ivano-Frankivsk, 76000, Ukraine

In given article the behaviour of diffusivities analytically is investigated at chemical and heat treatment. The abnormal rejection from the low of the Arrhenius is considered, deduced a number of parities from positions of different approaches which describe sample experimental dependences at diffusive saturation of metals.

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.pdf (235kb)

.V. uzio

Principle of Formation of Product Quality Indices in Machine Building

National University Lvivska Politechnica,
12, S. Banderi Str.,79064, Lviv, Ukraine

The basis on classification, grouping and determination on the fields of application of product quality in machine building the principle of formation of a structure is discussed.

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Prekarpathian university named after V.Stefanik,
57 Shevchenko St, Ivano-Frankivsk, 76000, Ukraine

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S. Zaulychnyy

X-ray-electron and X-ray-spectrum investigation of electronic structure changes BaTiO3 powder dispergation

Institute of Material Science,
Kyiv, Ukraine

XPS and XES investigation of electronic structure of BaTiO3 powders with specific surfaces 2 m2/g and 40 m2/g reveals essential narrowing of energetic distribution Tisd- and O2p- valence states of ultradispersive powders in comparison with grained powders. This is the result of confluence of energetic states of orbitals, which is not used in chemical bounds of surface atoms, number of which is commensurable with number inside nanoparticle and relaxation processes was induced by substantial Laplas pressure and other factors. Defined increase of electron bounding energy Ba4d3/2,5/2- and Ba5s-electrons shows due to complete transmission of valence electrons from Barium to Oxygen and due to full vanishing of intersection O2p- and Ba6s- orbits after bounds breakdown.

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.pdf (262kb)